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from Making A Run For It From Berlin To Texas Book One by Larry Thompson

Copyright © 1990–2020 Larry Thompson


At the winding down of the war, confusion reigned. The allied armies jockeyed for position against the Russian Army in an effort to determine who would control what parts of Germany. Because of the shifting lines of possession, even after Manny's small family gained relative safety at Castle Willigrad, they were faced again with the threat of rape, mayhem and starvation from the Red menace. For Manny and his family, the threat of rape did become a reality.

Even though Manny's brilliant father did return, he couldn't prevent his family from losing the little that they had to the malevolent Russian conquerors. With Manny's father leading the family, they began their odyssey back to the family farm and the longed-for reunion with the grandparents.

Hunger and fe...

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