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from Love, Or Something Like It by L. K. Thompson, LTC (Ret.)

Copyright © 2020 L. K. Thompson, LTC (Ret.)

Chapter 7




UNIT: Team Reliant

SITUATION: Planning A Dangerous Approach

LOCATION: In Office Near The Heart of Danger

TIME: 1800 hours Local Time, Current Date



Spence ordered Cowboy, “Shut the door, and let’s get on with the meeting so that I can hear Dawn’s After-Action Report.”

Seated at the table this time were Spence, Harvey, Dawn, Mungo, Slover Cruz, Cowboy, Dude and Olaedoen. Spence was anxious to hear the result of the team’s investigation of Yalu Street. He nodded at Dawn, “Let’s hear it.”

Dawn leaned forward and reported, “Sir, we were on a fairly straight stretch of Yalu Street between the traffic circle on one end and the diagonal street on the other. We had interviewed residents and managers of about 16 properties. We found that most were reluctant to let us inspect their electrical fuse boxes, but most of them let us in. Some were nervous about our being inside their property, but none were overtly nervous. I saw several of them head toward their telephones as we were leaving. We didn’t experience difficulty until we started on the other end of the block. We entered a butcher shop where the apparent manager was very nervous. Mister Olaedoen inspected his fuse box and found a new fuse, and they recently added electrical line that injured a hole in the floor and went somewhere else. The manager’s eyes continuously switched from side to side, and he licked his lips frequently. By the time we left his business, a small crowd had formed outside his business. I saw them and Mungo saw them. I told Mungo that we were headed for the utility van. He and the others in the van took their riot batons and formed a line between Olaedoen and myself. I believe their appearance as they climbed out of the van saved us from being beaten. The four of them returned safely to the van, and as we were driving away. The van suffered minor damage from rocks and bricks thrown by the growing crowd.” She folded her arms across her chest and leaned back.

Spence leaned his chin on his hand as he considered her report. Finally, he looked at Olaedoen, “Do you think further investigation would be in order?”

“Well, I would like to know where that line goes. But we can’t go back there during the daylight hours. Most people will phone each other, and we will have another mob to form. I don’t see how we could do it in daylight.”

“Okay, what about during nighttime hours?”

“What? Do you mean in the dark?”

Spence snorted, “Yes, well, that is when darkness usually occurs.”

Uncertain as to what to think, but this Olaedoen leaned back. He raised his eyebrows, “Are you ordering us to break and enter that building in the dark?”

Circumspect at this point, Spence muttered, “Ordering you? Not at this moment, but we have been known to do that sort of thing in the dark. I’m just asking if you two would be able to search said building when no one was looking, which would be in the dark?”

Olaedoen let out a lungful of air through pursed lips, “With the right tools, I think we could.” He turned to Dawn and raised his eyebrows in question.

She shrugged, “Under the right conditions, I suppose we could.”

Although they belonged to a clandestine organization, and although they had done things more dangerous than that, neither of them was willing to admit it in front of six other persons.

Spence noticed that reluctance to commit to anything right then, “Does the manager live on the property?”

Olaedoen admitted, “He might. His property is a two-story affair. He might live upstairs.”

“Okay then, I want you two to find out where that new line goes.”

Now nervous about the issue, Olaedoen asked, “Okay, when do you want us to investigate that line?”

Spence shrugged, “The sooner the better.”

Olaedoen swallowed hard and looked at Dawn, “I guess that tonight we break and enter.”

She smiled. She looked at Olaedoen and the other four, “I guess I’ll see you guys back here at 0100 hours.”


The darkness of the night was so deep that even the streetlights seemed to have trouble penetrating it. The six sat in ...

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