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from Love, Or Something Like It by L. K. Thompson, LTC (Ret.)

Copyright © 2020 L. K. Thompson, LTC (Ret.)

Chapter 3





UNIT: Four Members of The Team Investigate

SITUATION: Investigating the Questionable

LOCATION: Yalu Street, Seoul, South Korea

TIME: 1900 hours Local Time, Current Date



Olaedoen offered to take his car to transport him into town to Yalu Street. His car was a small Korean car. Slover, Dawn, and Dude looked askance at the car.

Slover asked, “Are you sure Olaedoen that all of us can click Internet car?”

Olaedoen said, “Oh yes! Car is very good. It is very sturdy. It can take us. You will need to sit up front with me. These two,” he waved toward Dawn and Dude, “in the back seat. This arrangement will work.”

Dawn and Dude inserted themselves into the back seat. Slover ducked and wedged himself into the passenger side of the vehicle.

Olaedoen grinned his grin and his car surged hesitantly toward the seamy side of Seoul.

As they traveled Dawn asked, “Slover, why did you make us wait late in the day to travel to Yalu Street?”

Slover shrugged, as if the answer were clear, “It’s because my source of information is not available before sundown. By the time we arrive at Yalu Street it will be just about dark.”

Dawn asked, “What does he, or she do?”

Slover shrugged uneasily and carefully said, “They…. provide …. uhm…. a service.”

Dude smiled as he said, “Oh, yeah, I’ll bet they provide a service!” He turned to Dawn and mouthed the word, “Prostitutes!”

Dawn rolled her eyes as she scoffed.

Olaedoen guiding his small vehicle carefully through the city of Seoul traffic. He could not find a place to park along the street. Therefore, he pulled into an alley. The group dismounted from his car and walked to the opening of the alley.

Dude asked, “What all of those people shouting about over there? Are they dangerous?”

Olaedoen stood for a moment, watching them carefully. He raised his eyebrows and made a face as he said, “They can be. Sometimes, they are. It looks like they are members of Gongsandang party.”

Dude stated them for a few moments. He asked, “What does that word mean? They seem to be highly agitated!”

Olaedoen nodded, “Yes, they are agitated. I think they are members of the Communist Party.”

Dude asked, “Is that legal in South Korea?”

Olaedoen smiled a tight smile, “At this time in our history, yes, it is. We still have, many political parties in South Korea!”

Dude observed, “It looks like they are shouting slogans at that group of people across the street from them!”

Dawn moved up to stand beside Dude. Slover moved beside her.

Olaedoen nodded toward the group across the street, “That looks like the Gungmindang party. They are locally known as the Nationalist Peoples Party.”

The four team members stood watching the two groups. They let their eyes roam over the angry people in both groups.

Slover put his hand on his forehead, “This is the first I had seen these two groups in this area of Seoul shouting at each other.”

Having seen enough of the display Dawn suggested, “Well, let’s get to the place where Slover says his contact will be.”

Slover shrugged, “Is just on the other side of the two groups. Maybe if we wait a few minutes, maybe they will get tired of yelling and go home.”

Dude offered, “I don’t think they will quit yelling at each other for a while b...

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