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from P.S. by Liberty Henwick

Chapter Six

Looking back on that Sunday, the 10th of October 2004, Jenni’s memories were sketchy. There were key moments, even snippets of conversation that were in clear focus but much of it was hazy or completely lost. It is said that this is common when suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Amnesia.

She could remember the moment she arrived at Cathy’s. Beth came running out the door towards her, all smiles and giggles, Jenni picked her up in an embrace and covered her sweet little face with kisses. Beth took after her aunty Jenni, she had copper red hair which fell in beautiful bouncing tresses and bright watchful eyes.

She presumed they had lunch at home and then went for ice creams after. There was a memory of going to a park for a walk with Abi, probably Delta Park - the nearest, while they ate their ice creams. Jenni could see Beth laughing at Abi jumping off the low cliff into the Braamfontein Spruit after ducks or geese. The splashes she made were simply huge.

There was a confusing episode where Jenni thought she had seen Sanelle from work at the park too. A couple was having an argument near the deserted car park and the woman looked just like Sanelle. But there are many women who wear their long brown hair up in high tight pony tails and who smoke. Besides, her f...

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