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from P.S. by Liberty Henwick

Chapter 21

When she made it into her flat it was around 7pm, still an hour and a half before her date with Robbie so plenty of time to cook a scrumptious dinner followed by a shower, maybe a glass of white wine and time to get ready. She had a mosey through her kitchen cabinets and fridge then started knocking together a chicken pasta with salad. She uncorked a bottle of Graça and poured herself a generous glass.

While she sat eating her phone rang - another unfamiliar number. (She’d had the sense to save Robbie’s number with his name at least).

“Mm hhhm, jebble hib”, her mouth was full.

“Hey Jenni, watcha doing, up for doing something now?” It was Robbie.

Jenni swallowed “Oh! Yes sure, I thought you said…what number is this?”

“It’s my new one, I forgot to give it to you last night I s’pose. Anyway, you free now? I’m keen to go out for a bite to eat. Only takes me about twenty minutes to get to Melville from my place.” He sounded eager.

“Um, I could be ready in about 20 minutes, more or less.” Usually more!

“Cool, I’ll swing by and pick you up, tell me your address.”

Jenni jumped up and leaving her unfinished dinner on the table, she dashed into her bedroom and had a two minute shower. She then spent the next eighteen minutes tossing clothes around her bedroom, before selecting a knee length navy blue dress with a plunging neckline and a white wrap. She finally squeezed her toes into a favourite pair of clear pvc and silver wedges in the final thirty seconds.

Just as she was applying one of her favourite glossy lipsticks: ‘Does Your Mother Know‘, the bell on the gate intercom rang. Her hand jolted, leaving a cherry coloured line across her cheek. Grabbing make-up wipes and tossing the used ones into the basin, she cursed as she scrubbed her face.

By the time she got to the intercom Robbie was  back in his car and hooting loudly. She waved from the door and opened the electric gate for him using the remote.

 “Hey Jen, thought you stood me up! You look rather delicious, I could eat you instead! How about we stay here and you can show me round your place.” He flashed the smile that had melted her bones a few years before.

She smoothed her dress down her thighs, it was quite a figure hugging fabric, but melted bones or not, Jenni wasn’t keen to show him around the huge mess she’d let behind. “No, let’s go out.”

“Ok, to the Ant then, where you were having a drink with that Pine-dude a couple of weeks ago?” It was m...

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