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from P.S. by Liberty Henwick

Chapter 20

Jenni frowned as she replaced the phone in the receiver. It had been the Zimbabwean police on the line. They were just routinely following up the request from Goodlord’s wife to follow every possible lead relating to Goodlord’s disappearance. Indeed, Jenni confirmed that he had written a piece as a freelance journalist sourced by herself for the magazine. No, she denied having had ever met him, only ever corresponding with him via e-mail.

When enquiring as to how she may further assist the investigation she was told that everything was currently being done within their power to ascertain Goodlord’s whereabouts but she must appreciate that the police force are inundated with serious crimes on a daily basis, in both countries. However, if she had any further enquires, she could contact the Hazyview Police department, where Goodlord is purported to have last been seen, and speak to a Superintendant Dhlamini who was incharge of the station there.

She picked up the phone again and was about to dial directory enquiries to find the number for the Hazyview police station but almost dropped the handset as if it was hot. Somebody was breathing close to her left ear.

“Howzit Jen the Pen, long-time-no-see hey?”

She swivelled slowly in her office chair, giving herself a double chin as she leant backwards. “Oh hi Pienaar,” she tried a small grin.

“Have you been avoiding me or what?” he straightened up and cocked his head. He was smiling, but his folded arms and tapping foot suggested he wasn’t delighted.

He was wearing his flip flops again, why is it that I’m so bothered by his hairy toes?

“Um, no? I’ve been away…and busy!”

“Izit hey? Well, are you too busy to go out with me again this Friday?”

Jenni glanced around the office. Ayesha was looking back at them, wide eyed, her mouth a small ‘o’. Jenni stood up and made to leave the room. Once they were out in the corridor she turned to Pienaar who had followed her.

 With a low voice she said, “Look, I’m sorry Pienaar, you are nice and all that but this is not going to work, really. It’s just that I can’t…” She looked down again, spiders that’s what they remind...

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