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from Mechanicsville book 3 by Laurie Stewart

Chapter 7

I was pretty tired. We'd been looking for Mikey for hours. I'd run out of usual places ages ago. Now I was out of unlikely and almost out of impossible. Where the hell was he?

We were stumbling along Daly street, okay I was stumbling. Elvis looked tired too, but not walk into a wall tired.

"Mikey would've found a place to kip for the night by now. I told you, he hides a lot. He ain't stupid enough to be out after it gets dark. You can't see what's waiting."

Hound squatted to look me in the eye, did he think I was lying? Jeez, adults sure are stupid sometimes.

"Are you sure we've looked at all of his hideouts?"

"Yeah, all the ones I know about. He keeps a lotta things secret. We should look at lunchtime, ...

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