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from Mechanicsville book 3 by Laurie Stewart

Chapter 6

It was fucking cold out here.

I hated this corner. The wind came right off the river and got your face damp as well as cold. My nose was redder than my lipstick. Even with the streetlight out, people would hesitate before buying from me. And it didn't help that the streets were lined with cheap-ass hookers.

I would never sell my ass that way. Drugs were paying enough, and no gross stranger got to shove his tongue down my throat. Of course, their regulars were chasing off my regulars. None of them wanted anyone to think they had to pay for it. Not even if the only witness was a crack-ho.

I blew my nose again and considered leaving. I already had enough cash for the next couple days and it might be a good idea to give the girls their corner back. That way they'd let me have the ...

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