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from Mechanicsville book 3 by Laurie Stewart

Chapter 3
Willow and Sam

The sun set early in November in Canada, like 7pm early. And it got cold fast as soon as the sun went down.

I pulled my parka closer but didn’t zip it up. It was only November, probably only five below. It would be thirty below by February, I needed to toughen up.

Willow was dressed to the nines, totally glammed out. Silver sparkley eyeshadow, pink streaks in her hair, even sequined shoes. At least it hadn’t snowed yet.

We turned the corner from Nicholas street down to the back of the Rideau Centre. I could see the abandoned fabric store was still empty. The paper that had covered the windows was faded and falling down as the tape dried. I could see signs of squatters from a b...

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