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from Elemental Guard by Katrena Turner

Chapter 20

Verlyn was sitting at the table it’s a few other young men when Remy walked into Breakfast the next morning. She wasn’t really hungry but the only time she was allowed to leave her room was when she was eating, bathing, or taking a walk through the halls with Ilona. She enjoyed spending time with Ilona, she was learning a lot about her people and their history. She still didn’t know how she fit in here or if she was going to stay but she liked hearing the stories and knew in her heart that this world had to exist.

Verlyn gave her a timid “good morning” when she walked by. Smiling back she nodded and continued on to the table where Ilona was already waiting for her with someone she recognized. Talia was smiling from her seat with a huge stack of pancakes and bacon in front of her.

“This is Talia, she is going to accompany you today as i must work most of the day”

“We met the other day, good morning Talia.”

“Good morning Remy.” Talia spoke around a bite of pancake.

“Are there a lot of hurt or sick people here?” Remy asked Ilona, genuinely curious.

“Not at this time, I need to go up to the medicinal cavern and take care of some overdue weeding and check on all o...

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