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from Elemental Guard by Katrena Turner

Chapter 18

Remy soaked in the springs, her mind wandering while the tension on her muscles slowly disappeared. she thought of her sister and the familiar ache of loss settled into her heart. How she missed her sister, she wondered what her sister would think of today. Could it be possible she did the test wrong? Could it be that she somehow had an affinity for two elements? she kept replaying the looks that the girl Talia was giving her. she could not understand why Talia looked at her as if she was constantly waiting for something to happen, was she supposed to know her from somewhere? Was she rude to her when she first got here? She really couldn’t remember meeting the girl before coming to the mountain.

She was startled out of her musing when an older lady she had not seen before entered the chamber. “you are requested in the conference hall, I will ...

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