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from Elemental Guard by Katrena Turner

Chapter 16

Remy walked into the large training cavern. Nervously she looked around trying to find the four trainers she was supposed to meet.

Ok Ilona said I should meet them here around 7, its 7 right I hope I am not late I can never tell in these tunnels. What in the world are they going to be doing to test me. Remy’s nervous inner rambling tapered off a she noticed the four people standing over to her right near a set of weight machines laughing. They had not noticed she walked in, so she thought, so she took a minute to size them up. Two of the four were women, and two were men. One of the men looked to be in his late fourties and the other, she could not tell because he had his back to her. she switched her attention to the women. One was the tall Samoan that she met in the cafeteria. The other seemed a similar age but short and thick. Not stocky but muscular. She had short spiked purple hair and was the first to notice Remy standing shyly just inside the entrance.

“don’t be scared, we don’t bite.” She laughed as the fourth member turned towards Remy.

When he turned she instantly recognized him as the young man who asked after her well being, who Ilona said had also been the one who almost killed her and ruined her mother’s necklace. ...

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