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from Elemental Guard by Katrena Turner

Chapter 6

"How long until she wakes?"

"Sir, You know as well as I, That only she determines when she wakes."

"You will notify me as soon as she wakens." The authority in his voice evident.

"Yes,Commander." The healer responds with a deep bow of respect as the Commander exits the room.

Remy's consciousness slowly stirs, she hears low voices, she couldn't tell where exactly. As she focused more on her surroundings she could hear, but could not gather the physical strength to move any part of her body, let alone open her eyes.

" I have sent him away, He will not return until i send for him." The feminine voice was unfamiliar, but held a comforting tone.

"Take your time, and do not worry. You are safe here."

The first thing Remy could feel was the tip of her toes. A gentle warm sensation started on the soles of her feet and slowly spread up her feet and around her calves. M...

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