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from Elemental Guard by Katrena Turner


Officer Johnson was driving his police cruiser down the county road sipping his coffee on his way to his shift. He loved the night shift. The air was still; the dark was peaceful and out here in the country, the most action he saw was trying to keep the teenagers from messing with the cows or burning down a field with a party. Tonight, felt different somehow, he felt electricity in the air that held a hint of foreboding, and the normally peaceful night seemed darker than usual. Just as he was rounding the final bend, before seeing the city, he saw two small figures

What the hell he whispered out loud, talking to himself. He stopped the car, and slowly pulled himself out of the drivers seat, grabbing his radio. He depresses the button, and speaks to Judy, the night dispatcher.

“I have two kids off county road 9, stopping to check it out.”

As he’s walking towards them, the two girls turn, they are holding hands and crying. He automatically stiffens when he realizes there was something even more amiss. He lowers himself down to their level and asks, “why are you girls out here in your night clothes?” the girls continued to shake and cry, he leads them over the car, and with...

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