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from Girl and the Ghost by Kripi

Chapter 1

She was going to attend her best friends funeral. It was not easy for her to accept this truth that she lost her best friend. She was upset and disturbed from her best friend's death. Thoughts were racing in her mind, she couldn't help that. She felt guilty that she couldn't save her best friend. They're together since childhood. Her name is Krisp and her best friend was Vink.

Both are different personalities. Krisp is bold and beautiful but Vink was shy and average looking girl who had less friends. Krisp is friendly but don't trust people easily so she don't make friends. Krisp had only one friend whom she trust completely and that was Vink. Vink and Krisp were together for 20 years.They're emotionally attached with each other. They used to share everything with each other but one day everything got changed. 

 It was...

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