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from METAPSYCHICS by B. L. Peterson

Copyright © 2012–2021 Bruce Peterson

Chapter 7
The Nuances/Bad Religon

The Nuances

Religion is about 'GIVING POWER AWAY.'

MetaPsychics is about 'RECEIVING POWER.'

All religions require 'faith’ in some 'outside’ source.

In MetaPsychics one studies to KNOW, and KNOW that he KNOWS. Faith is not required except only in Self.

‘Faith in God’ is replace with “TRUSTING IN GOD” .


We TRUST THE UNIVERSE and leave 'faith' to those who wish to be deceived.

In religion you have a right or wrong, do or die syndrome that does not deviate. You are saint or sinner. Believer or Infidel. angel or demon and you know where that road leads too! In a Black and White world of Reward {work} and Punishment {ills of not working} you are a made a victim of dichotomies. Dichotomies are only opposing in the PHYSICAL WORLD and PSYCHIC WORLD and can be 'balanced' in the PSYCHIC WORLD. Dichotomies don't exist in the SPIRITUAL WORLD and 'merged' together as one thing called a PARADOX. There are no internal BATTLE OF OPPOSITES in the SPIRITUAL WORLD.

Everyone is a sinner and few, very few are Saints, and even then they are dead like

{in} Jesus. There is no equal ground. No resting place. No balance of the two extremes.

The two extremes are:


Between The Saint and the Sinner. Between the Super-ego, {not True Ego, but false ego}, and the Id {the spoiled brat who must have it all}.

It was discovered that man is not only Positive and Negative, but he can also be just plain NEUTRAL, not Yea...

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