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from The Jivanmutka by B. L. Peterson

Copyright © 2017–2021 Bruce Peterson

Chapter 9:



Three Types Of Gurus {Teachers}

There are three types of teachers or Gurus: 

1. One who knows the shAstra-s and is also firmly established in that knowledge, i.e. a shrotriya and a brahma niShThA. 

2. One who does not know the shAstra-s but is firmly established in the knowledge, i.e. only a brahma niShThA. 

3. One who knows the shAstra-s but is not firmly established in the knowledge, i.e. only a shrotriya. 

Of these, the first one is the best and the scriptures advised one to approach such a teacher. 

The second is a problem since, although he may be a brahma niShThA, he is not a teacher. Shankara says that one should avoid such a teacher. He may inspire one to inquire but he cannot guide others. 

The third one is the second best, since at least one can learn from that teacher. 

Now the problem is that a brahma niShThA alone will know that he is a brahma niShThA – no one else can know. One can only guess by studying the person’s b...

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