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Science Fiction
The Cull: The Draconian Legacy Book 1
by Robert Jepson

Near to the great pyramids, a team of geologists unearth a strange artifact. Far from being inert, they inadvertently activate it. Soon, the object spawns a rapidly growing plant which carries a lethal virus. As it spreads and the death toll increases, the world economy verges on collapse. Jed Stone, an unorthodox, highly creative and adaptable scientist, is called to assist in the fight against what is deemed to be an alien weapon of mass destruction. Standing in his way are The Brotherhood, a ancient group whose blood-line and allegiance are tied to a renegade race of aliens. "Sounds interesting!"


4012 B.C

The plains of Giza, Egypt

 The Great Pyramid, the Pyramid of Khafre, and the Pyramid of Menkaure, as they became known in later times, glowed in the yellowing light of the setting sun as the desert air cool. The polished white limes...

Chapter 1

Interplanetary Transport Craft Virgo

Low Earth Orbit

7th August 2032

The communications transceiver came alive with static followed by a faint message, "Mayday, Mayday, Mayday, this is . . . "

The voice faded, then...

Chapter 2

April 30th 2032

British geological Survey



Peter Yates poured over the documents which Vincent Dale had pushed towards him across the conference table.

"A newly discovered m...

Chapter 3

Within 36 hours Vincent and Warren commenced the first leg of their journey on-board a Euro Airways flight from London to Athens International Airport. The Indian Aerospace Ganges K1 aircraft banked hard to the right after take-off and climbed rapidly to 50,000 feet...

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