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from FROM THE MOON TO THE EARTH by Anthony Poindexter

Copyright © 2020–2021 Anthony Poindexter

Chapter 1
The Zodiac



“The twelve signs of the Zodiac lay down twelve different “paths” of lifeā€¦ Every sign has its own manner of expression, birth in a higher and in a lower sense, and it depends on the person which options to take and how to use them.”

Karen Hamaker-Zondag,

author of Astro-Psychology

ARIES: (March 21-April 20) Ruling planet is Mars. Its symbol is the Ram. Aries basic momentum is Beginnings. They are arrogant, brusque, independent, intolerant, competitive, courageous, domineering, dynamic, eager, executive, impulsive, lacks completion, lives in the present, me first, pioneering, quick-tempered. Aries starts as an unemotional thinker but continues as an emotional extrovert, ready to try anything.

TAURUS: (April 21- May 21) Ruling planet is Venus. Its symbol is the Bull. Taurus basic momentum is Manifestation. They are Artistic, patient, possessive, comfort oriented, conservative, dependable, sensual, slow-moving, stable, dogmatic, domestic, greedy, loyal, materialistic, self-indulgent, practical and stubborn. The hidden meaning of Taurus is emotive rather than rational and is all-feeling.

GEMINI: (May 22- June 21) Ruling planet is Mercury. Its symbol is the Twins. Gemini’s basic momentum is Mental Energy. They are adaptable, talkative, ungrateful, changeable, clever, congenial, dexterous, dual, expressive, curious, inventive, lacking concentration, multitasking, quick-witted, restless, scatterbrained and scheming. Gemini’s are detached and cerebral.

CANCER: (June 22- July 22) Ruling planet is the Moon. Its symbol is the Crab. Cancer’s basic momentum is Emotional Energy. They are tenacious, touchy, traditional, brooding, cautious, domestic, easily hurt, emotional,...

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