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  from The Fall of Darkholm by Taren Elle


Our days of isolation from the human world were over. By choice, the humans were evolving forcing us to evolve with them. It turn they made us out to be these monstrous creatures that thrived on their blood. We live and breathe just as they do. We are only an evolution of what they are after all.

The longer an immortal lived, the more the thirst for blood consumed them. For some, staving off the blood lust was no feat—like my father Magnus, lord of the Darkholm, Falon, and Krall covens. For others, the burn ripped its way through them, transforming them into a creature even an immortal would fear. The Dregs—the vilest kind of immortal.  They were the devolvement of our race, and we exiled them to the human world, far above our dark labyrinth. But, it was our naiveté that revealed us in the end; our lack of will to destroy our suffering loved ones.

We are cursed to burn with the sun and thrive with the moon. And then there are those who can endure the light of day—Daywalkers—born pure bloods...like me. The Dregs who were once Daywalkers suffer the most after their devolution. Not only are they intolerabl...

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