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Young Adult
The Academy

There’s Magic in the World. Anyone with a Magical spark is taken to the Academy, a place to learn Magic. Every decade the person on Earth with the most powerful spark becomes the Magician. For the first time in the history of the Academy, two people are set to become the next Magician. Locked in constant competition, Angela and Tanya will battle it out for the job before the coming ceremony where one will be chosen. The future of the Academy depends on who is chosen and what they do once they’re selected.

Chapter 1-December 27

Chapter One-December 27


Tucked in a valuable private alcove of the crowded hallway, I swipe my hand in a circle along the beige painted bricks and watch the image spawn in the wake of my hand. My tiny blond sister, eating a bowl of oatmeal with on...

Chapter 2-December 27

The hallways between classes always border on chaos. Everyone is trying to grab a minute with friends or lovers before dashing off to another class. On top of that, we all came from simulations that may have been dark or dangerous. It’s high stress and chaotic...

Chapter 3-December 27

I hate this class.

It’s a weird feeling hate. I usually love everything. I love school and studying. I love the future I can imagine for myself. I love my friends.

But when that bell rings for eighth period, everything changes. This hallway is star...

Chapter 4-December 27

“We have to find one disturbance. We don’t know how large or small and we don’t know where it is,” I summarize. “Let’s split up. I’ll start at Australia and move my way West. You start in Russia and move your way East. Do la...

Chapter 5-December 27

“Time’s up,” Tanya says. For a second, my heart stops. Then I realize she’s talking about the two minutes. It’s not over. We didn’t fail. We just need to call the solver.

I bob my chin in her direction. “Do it on speak...

Chapter 6-December 27

One blink. That’s what I get. I close my eyes inside the control room and when I open them again I’m back in the classroom staring at the Magician who is now standing at the front of the room with her arms crossed across the front of her black robes. &ld...

Chapter 7-December 28

My first period class is full of solvers. Some of my favorite people and best friends are in this class. After your spark is discovered you come to the Academy. At first you're grouped by age, just like a "traditional" school. It doesn't take long before the teacher...

Chapter 8-December 28

"It's completely her fault," I whine. "She was right there in the action. How was I supposed to see those people? I had to view it all through a screen."

"You're probably right." Logan smiles at me and squeezes my hand. But his eyes are pinched and he said 'pr...

Chapter 9-December 28

When I pop out of my simulation Chris and Cheryl are already back as well. Sitting in the chairs, Cheryl is engrossed in her book again and Chris winks at me. “How did you do?” he asks.

“Solved, no issues. You?” I wince in anticipation...

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