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from Moon Dance by Shirley Holder Platt

Copyright © 2019–2020 Shirley Holder Platt

Chapter 7 - Miles

I pushed my way up to the bar and caught the attention of the one guy working by himself. When I waved, he nodded his chin toward me and raised his eyebrows. Nonverbal communication was the only way to go, the music was loud and the place was hopping. I couldn’t believe my luck. Mia looked like a runway model in an old-timey dress that hugged her tiny waist and showed off her long dancer legs. I was sure every guy in the place was jealous.

I held up two fingers and imitated pulling the tap for house beer. The guy nodded again and began filling two mugs. He passed them to me, and I laid a ten on the bar. Mia was swaying to the music when I got back to her.

“Thanks,” she said as she took a mug and drank a little of the beer. She looked around and found an empty spot to put down the glass.

“Let’s dance,” she said. Before I knew what was happening, we were on the dance floor, and she was dirty dancing. Good lord, the woman could move. I tried my best to keep up with her, and thought I was doing alright. I had never been so turned on by a woman on a dance floor before, even when I was a horny teenager. We danced through four songs before stopping. At the table where we’d left our drinks, I chug-a-lugged the rest of my beer.

“You are a fantastic dancer,” I said.

“Thanks, you’re not so bad yourself. This was a great idea. I’d had this dress forever, waiting for the right place to wear it. Did I tell you that I love the movie, Dirty Dancing? I went over to Espy’s this afternoon, and we watched it again. I think that’s like the fifteenth time I’ve seen it. I love it when Baby is sitting at the table with her family, and Johnny comes and pulls her up and tells her dad that nobody puts Baby in the corner. So romantic. Don’t you think?”

I nodded.

“Me too. I could watch that scene over and over. It’s almost as good as the scene in Romeo and Juliet, you know the movie version by Franco Zeffirelli? Where Romeo kills himself with the dagger, and Juliet wakes up and finds him, and she says, “Still warm.” Oh my gosh, that is the saddest moment in the entire history of the universe, and it’s only a movie, I know that, but, you know, it makes me cry every time, anyway. They made that movie in 1968 – before the summer of love. Can you believe it?”

I nodded again and smiled at her. I was mesmerized by her lips when she talked. She wore pink lipstick that matched the bow in her hair, which was up in a pony tail. I was imagining taking her hair down and running my hands through it when she pulled me back onto the dance floor.

“I can’t believe they’re playing this song!”

It was the song they play at the end of Dirty Dancing. I laughed as she pulled me along, then placed my hands on her hips and watched her go into action. She was definitely my dream girl. I hadn’t had to say more than ten words to her all night, and she was happy as a lark. I think God made her for me.

When my feet could take no more, I told her it was time to go. She didn’t pout or argue, just nodded and l...

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