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from Moon Dance by Shirley Holder Platt

Copyright © 2019–2020 Shirley Holder Platt

Chapter 2 - Mia

Love at first sight, that’s what it was. The first time I saw him, he just stared at my lips. I was just as bad. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. It was like he was metal and I was a magnet. I kept thinking he’d kiss me. After all, I was working a kissing booth. Kisses sold for ten dollars or more. Some high rollers were putting checks in the pot with as much as a thousand bucks. The charity had drawn in many of the good-hearted folks from the River Oaks area in Houston. A thousand dollars wouldn’t put a dent in their budgets. I could only imagine having that kind of money. If I did, I’d open the dance studio I’d always dreamed of having despite all the nay saying I’d hear from my dad. I would teach people with talent. I’d start my own dance troupe. People would know my name. I would never have someone with no rhythm step on my feet again.

So, what was this guy waiting for? If he was as interested as he appeared to be, I was surely worth the minimum bid. The fundraiser was almost over, and I was still waiting. I took a break, got myself a glass of wine, and danced by myself to the old forties tune the band played.

When I got back to the booth, I’d lost sight of him. I wished I’d bought a second glass of wine to swallow my disappointment. But Lissa, the woman working the booth with me that night, pointed him out in the crowd and told me he was paid up for a kiss that he wanted from me. She didn’t seem happy that he wanted me and not her, even though he was nowhere near her type, but I was excited. Nervous energy coursed through me. My palms started sweating, so I ran them down the sides of my jeans as he approached the booth. My lips trembled. I wished I hadn’t smeared so much lipstick on my lips. I wanted to feel his lips touch mine.

This was ridiculous. I’d been kissing men all night. They’d pay and lean in. I’d peck them quickly on their puckered lips or a cheek if that’s what they presented. They’d walk away smiling. Their wives would wipe the lipstick smears off, clucking their tongues like hens. The charity would have raised a little more money. It was simple, clean and other than the guys with bad breath, it had been fun.

But this was different. This guy had intense blue eyes that could see past my bravado. I was afraid one kiss from him would change my life forever. When he finally kissed me, I had so much gunk on my lips I couldn’t feel much of anything except the frizzle of energy that jumped from him to me right before we touched. I did like the smell of him, though. Sort of aftershave mixed with beer, which doesn’t sound that great, but it was perfect on him. And the way he smiled afterwards. We stood there like moon struck lovers until some guys in the line started kidding us about getting a room. I wanted to laugh, but was afraid he’d think I was laughing at him. We danced later, and it was refreshing to think I wouldn’t have to give him lessons before we went out again. Which I was sure we would do. It was fate, kismet, the stars were aligned. All that stuff.

When he kissed me goodnight, standing by my car with the moonlight shining on us, I knew. This was the guy for me. So, I had to ask myself if I’d been wrong about him when he never called me. It had been two weeks. I’d put my number in his phone, but didn’t get his. I’m not above calling a great guy, eventually. We’d been so busy looking into each other’s eyes and talking about my dreams that I forgot to ask who he knew at the party, where he worked, or how to contact him later. I’d been that sure that he&rsq...

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