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Middle Grade Fiction
Lula's Luck
by Michele L. Medlyn

Talula is a 13 year old girl (almost) who has been having a difficult time lately. Something has to give! One thing after another happens and Lula is beginning to think she's jinxed. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1
Breakfast at the Burkes'

I’m just a normal, average girl. Not much happens to me, my life is not exciting, I’m not popular, I’m not gorgeous. I’m not mean to anyone and I try hard not to gossip (not that I’m always successful). I’m just me. When ...

Chapter 2
Footprints of a Bandit

When we got home from breakfast, I tried to stay out of Dad’s sight. Mom got busy mopping up juice and water, and Dad trashed the microwave and dumped out the Pop Tarts. They spent most of the morning wiping the black stuff off the countertops and cabinet door...

Chapter 3
Tahitian Blues

The smells of burnt strawberry filling and toasted microwave were everywhere, but it looked like the soot was pretty much cleaned up. Ducking my head in guilt, I headed out the front door in search of the cat.


“Here Bandit, here kitty,&rdqu...

Chapter 4
What Have I Done?

Megan had her hair lightened at the beginning of the school year. She could probably tell me how to do it. I picked up my cell phone to give her a call.


“Hi, Megs! I just wanted to ask you a question. What did they use on your hair when you...

Chapter 5
Playing With Fire

I went back into the kitchen to sulk and finish making my sandwich. As I was putting the deli turkey back into the fridge, I thought I smelled something odd. I sniffed the air inside the fridge, but that wasn’t the problem. I sniffed the air in the kitchen, bu...

Chapter 6
How Was The Movie?

Just as I went into my room, Megan called.


“How’d your hair turn out? How do you look as a blonde?”


“It didn’t work. I used the peroxide wrong and it burned my hair. Mom had to cut it off. Now it&...

Chapter 7
Little Beau

Soon, the doorbell rang, and I skipped down the stairs to get it. As expected, Holly Samson was at the door. She’s a really sweet lady that I babysit for sometimes. It’s weird to call her a lady when she only graduated from high school like four years ag...

Chapter 8
Lock the Crate

You would’ve thought that one day of disaster was plenty. But for me? Apparently not. I was worn out from Saturday, but Mom woke me up at 8:00 Sunday morning with the promise of going out for breakfast. She wanted me to go with her to take Bandit to the groome...

Chapter 9
Grape is My Favorite

My friends showed up at the door right on time. I wore my yellow swimsuit with the purple polka dots and ruffled top, covered with shorts and a t-shirt, and grabbed my sunflower beach towel from the linen closet.


“Be careful walking through...

Chapter 10
No Sliding on the Steps

Alli, Meg and I always walk to school together, so Monday was like every other day—almost. We laughed and talked all the way to school, mostly about boys and school and junk like that. Nothing special.


“Are you upset because of what Al...

Chapter 11
I'm Not Looking

My next class was Pre-Algebra, which I dislike intensely. Mom says we aren’t supposed to hate anything. She didn’t say I couldn’t dislike it intensely. I just don’t understand all those letters mixed in with the numbers. Dad says I’ll c...

Chapter 12
Pooper Scooper

After school Charlie caught up with me in the hallway. I really didn’t want to talk to him. I was totally embarrassed, and his constant grinning didn’t help any.


“Hey, Lulabelle, wait up!” I stopped where I was and waited f...

Chapter 13
There's a Hole in My Pocket

After what happened on Monday, I didn’t want to show my face at school (or anywhere else for that matter) on Tuesday. Mom insisted that I shake it off (easy for her to say) and move on with my life, like it never happened.


“Mom, I can&...

Chapter 14
Rainy Day Blues

I jumped out of bed a half hour earlier than usual. I couldn’t wait to get to school. Know why? Yup, I have a boyfriend! He’s so cute! I guess I should tell my mom and dad. But maybe I should keep it a secret just a little while longer, in case they tell...

Chapter 15
Who is This?

I was in a bad mood all day long. After school, Charlie walked with us again. We talked about things that happened in our classes, but there was no laughing and joking. Alli and Meg are really good about reading me. They know when I’m in a bad mood. When Charl...

Chapter 16
All's Right with the World

“Mom! I’m home!” I shouted so loud that she could hear me anywhere in the house. “Mom!” I ran into the kitchen where I thought she’d be working on dinner. She wasn’t. I yelled down the stairs to Dad’s man cave. “...

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