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I've always loved to tell stories. There's nothing more exciting to me than hearing about someone's reaction to one of my tales. I'm a USAF veteran, INFP, craft beer nerd, music lover, poor guitar player, who still believes in magic.

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K. Alice Compeau (Tier III Author)

Burnished Path: A Novella
by K. Alice Compeau

When a tornado rips through a remote academy for telekinetic students, they end up dealing with more than the physical destruction it brings.

Chapter 1

Babette Watson’s back was rigid. Tears balanced on the rims of her eyes. She clenched her fists to try to calm the tumbling in her ams. Her legs were weak but she tried her best to stay strong. 

“Did you do it?” Aaron glared at her throu...

Cleansed with Blood
by K. Alice Compeau

Fed up with the number of sexual predators moving into their town, a moms group takes justice into their own hands.

Chapter 1

Ingrid had put up red, white, and blue celebration streamers in the little kitchen in the back of the gymnastics academy. Lena smirked. A little over the top, she thought. But not surprising since it was for Clint. Certainly, Ingrid wouldn’t have gone through ...

Haunted Heart
by K. Alice Compeau

When Wynn Thorne moves with her parents to Kadena, AB in Okinawa, she never suspects the house they move into could put her soul in jeopardy.

Chapter 1

It was mid-July when Wynn stepped off the airplane after landing at, Kadena, AB, Okinawa, Japan. The familiar stench of JP-8 jet fuel flooded her nose and welcomed her to yet another home. Her fifth to be exact. The hot, humid air felt like a blowdryer blasting thro...

Distant Spring
by K. Alice Compeau

Lottie's husband leaves her for another woman. She holds out hope that he'll return to her one day but will that hope hold her back from moving on and finding true happiness?

Chapter 1

Lottie Stephens was running late. She despised running late. Always chronically early, her armpits were drenched and her hands shook as she searched for her keys. Why didn’t she hang them on the hook when she came in last night? 

 But she knew why she hadn’t. Sh...

Hearts Mingling
by K. Alice Compeau

Cory Winters meets a man from another galaxy and has an out-of-this-world romance. But when he leaves her brokenhearted, she begins to question just where the strong feelings for him came from, her heart or an alien influence.

Chapter 1

Cory held the molten hot washcloth to her face, hoping the steam would clean her pores. She’d felt the mountain growing in the middle of her forehead since early that Saturday morning and prayed she could take care of it before she ended up looking like a real-life unicorn. The sound...

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