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How to become a SuperStar Author

Once your first book becomes FameWorthy, you'll start climbing the Ladder of Fame:

1. Newcomer

You're new to ChapterBuzz. Once you post your first chapter, it won't be long before your book is FameWorthy, and you'll be climbing the Ladder of Fame.

Welcome, Newcomer Author!

2. Potential Star

You're on your way up. This is where your mettle will be tested, and you can feel accomplished when you advance to the next rung on the Ladder of Fame.

Requirements to be a Potential Star Author:

3. Rising Star

Now you're really starting to get noticed! Be prepared to welcome new Fans, and start pushing hard for the next level by becoming Author of the Week as often as you can to boost exposure & name recognition.

Requirements to be a Rising Star Author:

4. Star

You've made it! You've been working hard, staying involved in our community, and doing everything you can to get your name out there. This is a real achievement!

Requirements to be a Star Author:
  • 1 FameWorthy book that's also:
    • a completed first draft
    • available—in full—for us to read on ChapterBuzz
  • 1,000 Lifetime Fame Points

5. SuperStar

Some say it's lonely at the top, but we beg to differ. This is where you're surrounded by your Fans, and your career as a professional author is taking off. Great job!

Requirements to be a SuperStar Author:
  • 1 FameWorthy book that's also:
    • published and available for sale
    • accepted into our "Hot Off the Press" section
  • 5,000 Lifetime Fame Points

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