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3 easy steps to get more fans on ChapterBuzz:

1. You provide the kindling...

Invite friends, family, and blog followers to come to ChapterBuzz and read.

This tool makes it easy.

These early readers can even help you fine-tune your story by providing feedback on your work.

Remember: When people hit the "Buzz!" button for each chapter, you move up the ChapterBuzz Chart!

2. We'll start the fire

As you get more buzz, we'll start showing off your work in more places on the site, and in our e-mails to members.

Now your book is blazing!

3. Enjoy a roaring fire of readership

Keep sharing your ChapterBuzz page, and we'll keep recommending your work to other existing members.

This creates an upward spiral of popularity, helping you grow an enthusiastic fan base.

Your fans will feel involved from the start, and will be looking forward to your published book!

Have you noticed it's all about sharing?

There are many ways to share your ChapterBuzz page. Here are some powerful ideas

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