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from Belonging to the Alpha by Mel Hankins

Copyright © 2020 Mel Hankins

Chapter 26

I tiptoed down the hallway and quietly made my way down the stairs. The house was quiet except for the hum of the tv coming from the front room. Realising that it was one of the typical movie nights that the house held for its residents, I swiftly pulled up the hood of my jumper and crept out through the patio doors and down into the garden. The house rules exempted anyone from going outdoors once it had gotten dark outside unless they had a specific reason or they were fully trained, just in case of an attack. You never knew who could be lurking around in the shadows.

I made it to the edge of the lawn without anyone noticing that I had snuck out after hours and slinked into the trees, pausing briefly to check behind me, just in case that I was being followed. I scanned the garden and the patio, but I couldn't see anyone about.  Not a noise could be heard, and I looked back up at the house, lights glinting in the dark.

A cool breeze fluttered through the air, caressing my skin, and causing me to shiver in anticipation. Breaking the rules made me feel alive. I briskly walked further into the forest, the trees getting thicker and taller, and the packhouse rapidly disappearing. The noise of the night-time wildlife soon replaced the deathly silence as the woods became alive with activity. Hoots and howls and tiny squeaks called out from in between the trees and the bushes.  I carried on walking as fast as my legs could carry me until I entered a small clearing, basked in moonlight. Soft, springy moss covered the forest floor underfoot, masking the cracking sound of twigs and dry leaves under my feet. I sat down on the ground, feeling the evening dew beginning to seep through my clothes, leaving my skin feeling damp. A ray of brilliant silver moonshine fell upon me, illuminating me in a ghostly glow. I bowed my head and deeply breathed in and then back out, feeling all the tension, worry and nerves leaving my body with the air that I exhaled. Straightaway, I felt more relaxed and more at ease. I didn’t feel so wound up and heavy anymore.

I closed my eyes and searched deeply within my mind for any trace of a connection to my wolf. I tried to hear her heart beating, her breathing or even her voice, but all I could hear was the rush of my blood in my ears and my heart beating in my chest. I remembered the Moon Goddess’s words telling me to talk to my wolf and gently coax her home.

Anything at this point was worth a try.

I coughed deeply and positioned myself so that I was sitting comfier on the moss and began to think of what to say.

Look, I know you are scared, and feeling hurt, I get that. I understand how you are feeling. You are probably angry and upset too. Tom betrayed both of us. He was meant to love us and protect us, but he failed. Tom was evil and hellbent on his revenge to Xavier. He saw us as a gateway to hurt and destroy our Alpha.

What happened to us was unforgivable and inexcusable, but I am okay now. I promise. I have healed well, and I am fighting fit again, ready to take on the world with you alongside me. Tom is now dead, and he will never be able to hurt us ever again. I know this because I watched him being destroyed. Xavier killed him as soon as he rescued me, rescued us, yet again from inside the barn.

Xavier loves us very much. He lives and breathes us, he feels us, and we are always on his mind. We are a part of him now as he has c...

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