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from Belonging to the Alpha by Mel Hankins

Copyright © 2020 Mel Hankins

Chapter 19

Xavier’s P.O.V

The car raced down the road with several other cars following behind us. The small villages and farms that sat on the edge of our territory flew past in a blur of colour. With every passing second, my heart beat faster. I needed to find my Mate. What if it was too late? What if she was already dead? I could feel my wolf howling with despair at the thought, and I instantly turned my attention to my Beta.  

“Hurry up, goddammit!” I barked loudly at Beta Adam, who was driving the car.

“I’m going as fast as I can, Boss,” he replied quickly. “I’m already doing 70 MPH in a 40 zone.”

“Well, you’re not driving quick enough!” I sulked, glaring out the window.

The roar of several engines racing through small quaint villages was deafening. Every person that we raced past stood still and watched with open mouths in awe and shock. Soon enough, a vast woodland started to descend upon us, and a robotic voice echoed throughout the car.

“In 500 yards, take the next left.”

I leaned forward and peered through the windscreen, looking for a left-hand turn. All I could see was a dirt track, severely overgrown by bushes, but you could clearly see that the bushes had been tampered with. There was leaves and broken twigs scattered all along the tracks.

“There!” I exclaimed, pointing to the dirt track.

Beta Adam swerved harshly towards the off beaten road, and the car bumped on the uneven ground. Twigs snapped and cracked loudly against the glass, and I could feel myself being thrown around the back seat of the car.

A large farmhouse soon appeared in the middle of a large stone driveway. The farmhouse was in total disrepair and was clearly abandoned. It was evident that no one had lived here for quite some time. The cars all piled onto the drive, the drone of several engines finally falling silent and everyone got out, looking around at their surroundings puzzled.

“Why would he bring her here?” a blonde woman asked in shock.

“This place is a total ruin!” another man hissed.

I looked around, and my eyes fell onto the large red barn, which in comparison to the house, was still in surprisingly good condition.

“I can smell her scent here. And his!” I snarled in disgust. “Everybody split up. I want that house thoroughly checked and the gardens. She could be anywhere. Beta Adam, you’re with me. Let’s check out the barn.”

Beta Adam nodded his approval, and we watched as people set off towards the house. Me and Beta Adam stomped our way into the barn where we realised the scent of Leah and Tom was even stronger in here than it was outside.

“She has been in here, Boss!” Beta Adam snorted.

I inhaled deeply and nodded. You couldn’t miss the foul stench of Tom lingering in the air. My eyes darted around the barn, looking for any possible hideaway spot. Scratch marks in the dirt floor caught my eye, and I bent down to examine them. That’s when I noticed the trapdoor, blending in with the mud and leaves.

“Here, help me lift this. I wonder where this leads too!” I grunted to Beta Adam, as I pulled on the iron handle.

Together we quietly lifted the large trap door, to which a bright light, shining above concrete steps, greeted us. I silently beckoned to Beta Adam to follow me, and we carefully tiptoed down the stairs, making sure that we made no noise. As we descended into an underground room, my eyes darted over to a tall unkempt figure ...

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