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from Belonging to the Alpha by Mel Hankins

Copyright © 2020 Mel Hankins

Chapter 17

Xavier’s P.O.V

I glanced out of the window and saw the Packhouse looming in the distance. I closed my eyes and leant my head against the headrest behind me. I had just been away with my Beta for a whole week, sorting out business deals with the banks and the Whitemoon Clan. I had recently found out that the Luna, who was engaged to Alpha Matthew, was the best friend to Leah. It would work out in both of our favours if both packs could work together and be allies, and that way, Leah could see more of her best friend.

In the end, we agreed that we would both keep our boundary lines but come to the aid of one another in case of a fight from rogues or packs that were trying to steal territory. We would also allow members of our packs to cross boundary lines without persecution. Having the Whitemoon Clan on our side was also a bonus. They were a big clan who had the numbers, but our clan had the money and the strength.

I was looking forward to coming home and seeing my Luna. She had been through hell and back the last few weeks, and I just wanted to be there to keep her safe. A ringing noise from my pocket disturbed my train of thought, and I pulled out my phone. I glanced at the number displayed on the screen, but I didn’t recognise it, so I answered hesitantly.

“Hello? Who is this?” I barked.

“I need to speak to Alpha Xavier. Urgently!” a male voice cried out.

“Speaking. Again, who are you?” I enquired once more.

“It’s Paul Stapes. Chief guard from the Valley. We have a massive problem, Boss!”

“What’s going on!? What’s happened?” I replied, hearing the urgency in Paul's voice.

“You know that prisoner you bought down last week, Tom or Tim, whatever, well he has escaped. I had a call from the on-shift guards to say that he had shifted, and he was on the attack. I got our team down there as fast as I could, but he had killed all the guards and the last I saw of him, he was bounding off towards the city.”

“How could this happen! My Luna is now in grave danger! How are you going to stop this from happening again!” I raged angrily.

“We have bumped up the security and got even more guards in, we have added extra silver defences so a breakout shouldn’t happen again. Just be careful as he could be on the way back to you!” Paul replied casually, clearly not hearing the annoyance in my voice.

“Thank you. Don’t worry about us bringing him back because if I find him, I shall kill him. Goodbye!” I snapped, before cutting up the call and throwing the phone back down on to the seat beside me.

I could feel myself shaking with anger. My blood had turned red hot, and my mind instantly snapped to Leah. I had to warn her. I closed my eyes and thought of her and her wolf. I felt our connection spark, and I quickly relayed a message over.

Leah, please be careful. I’m on the way home now. Word has it Tom has escaped the Valley of the Outcasts. He could be on his way back to you. I have the whole Packhouse surrounded by Warriors. Find Hannah and keep close to her!

“What’s up, Boss?” Beta Adams voice snapped me back to my senses, and I looked at him worriedly.

“Tom has escaped. He could be on the way back to the Packhouse for revenge,” I sighed.

“We are back now. Let’s fin...

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