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from Belonging to the Alpha by Mel Hankins

Copyright © 2020 Mel Hankins

Chapter 15

Leah’s P.O.V

A loud beeping noise woke me up from my slumber. Groggily, I opened my eyes and leant over to switch my alarm clock off.

6.30 am. Better get up for training, I thought sleepily.

A week had passed since Tom had been kicked out of the Clan and sent to the Valley of the Outcasts. Oddly, I still could not feel the connection to my wolf. I knew it was going to take time, but I missed her terribly. I was now fully healed and back to my old self. I was glad that Tom was now out of my life for good, and that I could concentrate on my Luna duties, but I had a niggling feeling that trouble was not lurking too far away.

I stretched my arms up high above my head and swung my legs out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. I picked up my pink hairbrush and dragged it through my hair, getting rid of any knots in the process. I look back wistfully at my reflection. The bruises and the cuts were all but gone. My ribs were no longer sore, and I felt stronger than ever.

I was still yet to Mate with Xavier and accept his Lunarship. I had not seen Xavier since the day Tom had been transported away. Xavier had been on particularly important Pack business with Beta Adam and he had not spent much time at the Packhouse.

Come to think of it, he hasn’t even mind linked me. Maybe he doesn’t want me anymore.

 I promptly felt a pang of sadness at that thought and quickly brushed it away. I hurriedly brushed my teeth and splashed some icy water over my face then I hurried into the closet. I picked out my favourite old black and pink running trainers and threw on a pair of black shorts with a pink strappy vest top. I scrunched my hair up into a messy bun and hastily made my way downstairs.

The noise that echoed in the lobby was immense. I looked over the staircase railings and saw a small crowd of people making their way out into the garden. I quickly joined the group and followed them down on to the lawn, where more people were hanging about. Some were stretching, and some were just sitting on the grass and others where huddled in small groups talking amongst themselves.

“Hey Luna!” a voice shrilled out excitedly.

I turned around to see a brown-haired girl walking towards me, smiling broadly. She looked like me, except she was smaller and thinner, and she had blue eyes that shone like sapphires.

“Oh, hiya Hannah,” I grinned happily and waving to her casually.

Hannah sleeps in the room next door to me. She enjoys loud music, parties and having lots of fun but she is also very studious, down to earth and has an eye for fine detail. And she never lets anyone down.

“Looking forward to training?” I asked her cheerily, while bending down to retie my shoelace.

“Yeah, sure! Even if it is too early in the morning. I want to pass my training exam,” laughed Hannah, briefly glancing down at her watch. “It’s 7 AM. Training should be starting now.”

Right on cue, the doors on the balcony opened, and my Dad, along with Greg, walked out, both sporting blue and white tracksuits. Greg pulled out a microphone and coughed loudly to get everyone’s attention.

“Ahem. Good morning guys and girls. Today we shall focus on blocking attacks. Please pair up and remember the defensive techniques that we covered a few weeks ago.”

I looked around and noticed people quickly g...

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