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from Belonging to the Alpha by Mel Hankins

Copyright © 2020 Mel Hankins

Chapter 7

“Four years ago, we were all in the Packhouse dining room, having a large meal. We were celebrating a victory after fighting off a bunch of rival Clan’s Warriors. They came to try and take our land, our money and women and so, we destroyed every one of them,” Dad began.

“The smell of this rogue was astounding. We could smell him from a mile off. We could smell him coming nearer and nearer, so a bunch of us including the Alpha went outside to see who it was. We thought it was another rival coming back for more,” Mum continued.

“Turns out, it was a lone rogue. Tom. He was dirty and unkempt. He looked like he had not eaten properly in months. It was from living in the Valley of the Outcasts. Normally as a Pack, we kill any outsiders who dare trespass on our land, and certainly any rogues.”

“So why didn’t you?” I butted in, staring across at both of my parents.

“He came up to us and instantly showed us submission, which is odd for a rogue. They usually try to fight their way in and do not care if they die or not. Alpha Xavier had just taken over the Pack from his Dad, and he was ruthless at the best of times, but not this time. He asked Tom what he wanted, and we were shocked when he said that he wanted asylum. He explained that he had been kicked out of his Pack for stealing money off some of the wolves there and they instantly threw him out. For some reason, Xavier agreed to the asylum and told one of the Warrior wolves to show Tom to an empty room and help him get cleaned up,“ Dad said, frowning as if he was trying to remember something. 

“Many months passed without incident, and Tom became settled in our Pack. He seemed helpful and friendly and very eager to please. He was always offering to do jobs here and there. We all wondered if he was a rogue, after all.,” Mum said, looking sad. “Anyway, about six months after he joined our Pack, there was a loud commotion coming from Beta Adam’s office. Xavier and your Dad and some other Warriors ran up to the office to see what was happening. We burst in and was shocked to see Tom on top of Adam, beating him to a bloody pulp.”

“Xavier was going to split the pair up, but he suddenly stopped and said to let them fight it out. He could have ended up with a new Beta, in the form of Tom. Quick as a flash, both men had shifted into their wolf forms, right there in the office. Blood and fur were flying everywhere, and both men were getting beat up badly, but Xavier demanded that no one step in. And in sheer luck, Adam finally got the upper hand and shredded Tom to a pulp. He really laid into him. It was like Adam had one last bolt of energy to finish Tom off. Where he got it from, I do not know,” Dad shrugged, shaking his head. “But he was lucky!”

“Next thing we know, both men are back in their human forms, and Adam had a knife and was about to finish Tom off for good when Tom screams out and pleads for his life. He begs that he will do anything to live and that he made a big mistake and that he did not want to d...

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