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from Beyond the Deep Water by Ivette Martinez

Copyright © 2018–2020 Karla Martinez


After an unpredictable encounter with the God of Water; although Camille doesn’t want to admit it, she’s been enchanted by the god. To the point of spending the rest of the night anxiously waiting for the day to break so, she can have another chance to meet him again, to see him in broad daylight. The simple thought of his existence makes her stomach revolt with nervousness.

Camille rolls off the bed and gazes into the curtain of light that makes its way through the sliding doors. A calmer smile spreads across her face just to remember the god’s effort to hide his surprise, even with his cool act, Camille was able to see through it, and now she’s become more curious about him. Camille sighs gathering her energy to get up and face another beautiful day and leave painful memories behind.

“Let’s do this,” she jumps to her feet but stumbles as soon as her toes touch the soft fur on the floor. She holds her breath in shock, wondering if she’ll ever get used to this place, she shakes her head but takes a careful step forward. Her balcony is full of curious creatures that have come forward to welcome her, tiny creatures zooming all over the vines as they examine the flowers, they seem to speak their own language, hummingbirds collect the nectar of her private garden.

“No way!” She exclaims breathlessly as her eyes catch a glimpse of a beautiful but terrifying beast resting on her balcony.

A beast like no other, just by looking at it, Camille can feel the threat in its giant eyes. Glaring at her from the outside of the glass door, its white fur makes him look like a cloud with an incredibly wild crown of furry feathers, so strange but magnificent to her eyes. The lion ignores the hesitant girl as she stands behind the glassdoor. He’s just curious, like the rest of the creatures in the Water Sanctuary, Zelon the mystic lion of thunder can be one dangerous beast when provoked but very overprotective with the ones he gets attached to.

Slowly backing away from the sight of the lion, Camille makes her way to the bathroom. Still unable to understand how everything works in the sanctuary, she’s been here for three days, but the days seem longer and the nights are brighter. She hardly gets hungry, but she does feel exhausted. Sinking in the warmth of the water, Camille closes her eyes to breathe in the fresh scent of eucalypts as it immediately spikes up her energy to start a new day.

“Axl, huh.” His name escapes her lips, making her heart thump nervously.

Jumping to her feet, Camille smacks her cheeks as hard as she can, punishing herself for letting her heart feel the emotions that only belong to Adam. To be sw...

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