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from Don't Let Go by Karla Martinez

Copyright © 2019 Karla Martinez

Breaking Free

I was over the moon knowing that we were finally falling into place. Every minute I spent with Cameron went so fast, but to get to that point whereI could see him, time was slow. I was finally in dreamland with my prince and the love of my short life. There was nothing that could overshadow my happiness at this point. Expect, you have to tell him.

Every day I had to repeat myself about my honesty. Yael's silent glares felt heavy. After making up with Cameron, Yael and I went to normal. It didn't matter what people thought of our relationship. Cameron knew and that's all that mattered. Finally, the weekend arrived, and I was getting ready for my first real date with my boyfriend. I couldn't help to grin like never before. My eyes had lighter, my skin looked glows. I was happy and maybe that's all I needed to survive.

"To survive..." I repeated as I sat still with Mimi playing on my feet.

She kept trying to bite my toes, that was her favorite thing to do. She would take my socks off once in a while, she crossed the line and caught my tiny toes, although the bite hurt, I never said anything. Simply because I loved her, but this time; I wanted to be perfect. Fighting with Mimi about leaving my toes untouched the butterflies in my stomach were making me anxious. Having my first real date with Cameron was a dream. The thought of freely walking around holding his hand, and not suppressing my feelings.

"Mimi, stop! You're going to mess up my toes." I yelled at the overexcited ball of fur. Although I wasn't sure where Cameron was taking me, I just had to make sure I was prepared for anything.

"What are you doing there?" mom asked coming out of the kitchen with a bunch of cut fruit.

"I'm going out with a friend," I said, checking my phone impatiently. My mom kept her eyes on me and smiled.

"Is it a boy?" she asked taking a sit in the sofa in front of me, Mimi quickly jumped on her lap. Thank, God for that. I didn't answer her my mom, but she knew by my embarrassed reaction. Turning on the TV to her favorite show.

"I'm happy that you're going out with someone, but Sam." she started, as my phone rang with a text. I looked up to my mom to excuse myself, but I stopped. She was looking at me with eyes full of compassion and sadness.

"He needs to know." mom whispered sadly.

"Yeah." I couldn't say anything more.

Telling Cameron, I had a condition that was killing each passing day was dreadful to think about, though I had one in a million chance to survive with a risky surgery, I could explain it, but it was hard to put into words without getting worked up about it. I had to find the right time to give him the news.

Cameron decided to have our first date in Downtown Sandy Spring. Downtown was a beautiful place at night. I could finally enjoy it and feel normal to see couples walking hand in hand. The Royal Theater was filled with people. The restaurant's patios illuminated by live fire and soft music. The Central Park, with the skateboarding ring, looked like a party every day. Cameron took my hand and led me around. I took a deep breath and shut the pain inside if it meant he would show me his genuinely happy smile.

"Why are you so quiet?" he asked while driving his expensive Mercedes-Benz. Wondering how his dad wanted to repay him all the loneliness Cameron has gone through just by giving him material things.

"No, is not that. I was wondering, do you really want to go to a place like that?" I asked happily to see him letting me into his word, his sad and lonely world.

Being friends for a few years, I knew his routines with girls, but we were different now. I was kind of anxious of how things would turn out. We had kissed many times and every time felt like a new limit was reached...

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