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from Don't Let Go by Karla Martinez

Copyright © 2019 Karla Martinez


The day was ending, the sun was almost setting. My heart once again was struggling to keep its pace. My ears burning with heated embarrassment, I was debating whether to take my shirt off of just leave it on. Trying my best to keep my heart rate at a normal was difficult with Cameron's intense eyes glaring right at me. Burning my skin slowly with a hidden desire.

"Can't you go outside, like everybody else?" I asked fighting with my stuttering voice. It was clear he was enjoying my reaction, he always did and that made it extra hard for me to keep myself calm.

"Why? Is not like you're naked, I just want to spend some time alone," he whispered with a hint of a smile in his voice.

He sounded attractive and encouraging. Obviously, as a guy with experience, Cameron knew how to play seducing my mind to let myself go and do as he wished. Not going to happen, buddy. Although it was distracting, my mind was strong enough to keep me in reality.

"Whatever..." I said turning my back on him as I slid off my damped shirt. It made it easy for me to keep my ground.

But Cameron was playing his game, just like he had said before. He wasn't willing to lose. My heart throbbed as his breath slowly caressing the back of my neck, sending ticklish chills all the way down my spine. My eyes widen and I froze. A hole forming in the upper part of my stomach with almost knocked me out of my breath. The butterflies in my stomach awakening with the thought of letting him this close.

"Okay. I'll turn." he wouldn't help to sound entertaining. He was shirtless and just a few inches away from me.

Even though I was still wearing my one piece. The workshop place was made of glass windows. Going to the bathroom was my idea, but unfortunately for me, it was locked and they couldn't find the key anywhere. Thank God. I rolled my eyes not feeling lucky at all.

This was one of Mike's brilliant plans, and I could see how he gave a don't-you-dare-interfere-look at Tanya and Rocky. Especially Rocky, who looked annoyed enough with the whole not knowing a thing, but clearly understanding what Mike was trying to do.

I wasn't naked, but to have Cameron's well-built back in my view it disturbed my hormones. At least that was healthy. His skin so smooth and nurtured, with the perfect completion. Long and fit, a few attractive moles here and there. He was tall enough to make me tilt my head back just to look at him in the face. He was the perfect height to play basketball, or the perfect muscle to play football, but he did none of that.

Gazing into his wel...

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