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from Don't Let Go by Karla Martinez

Copyright © 2019 Karla Martinez


Before getting in Cooking Class I did a quick run to Mike's office. Not only I ended up as Cameron's partner. He wasn't serious about what I said at the restaurant, and if it was like that. I needed all the information I could get, and that I knew he wouldn't give away. The bet was on and I was not planning on losing to him to feed his pride.

"So, you need help because you want to win the bet, or because you want to know the real Cameron?" Mike asked some type of malicious satisfaction played in his voice.

Though this was not part of his job, he enjoyed listening to girls love stories. Mike had a different way of helping teenagers with their problems. After all, he wasn't that old either.

"Both, I guess," I admitted a little embarrassed.

I didn't want to tell Mike that I was in love with his cousin. Although it was evident he already knew. He analyzed the information for a moment. I waited patiently on his chair, I could relax after he could give me a pass to miss a class. In some way, it was nice to be sentenced to death, I could have special treatment only from things I didn't care too much.

"I'll help." his eyes were totally showing a side of him that I was sure was unprofessional.

"Should I be worried?" I asked I could feel my forehead frowning.

I didn't know Mike was just waiting for the chance to mess with Cameron. For some reason, Cameron couldn't stand Michael, but he loved to get in the middle of Cameron's business, totally opposite from each other. I smiled in relief, to have someone as close to my target as him, finally, luck was on my side, but as always I couldn't relax. I had to prepare myself for the downfall. He raised his hand as a stop sign.

"First, I want you to spend the time you're supposed to spend with him, if you see no change, then I'll tell you everything about him," Mike said, a warm smile playing on his face. My eyes narrowed accusing him of trying to make his cousin win the bet.

"I think this is a good thing for Cameron. And for you too," he said more to himself; I knew, he wouldn't say anything even if I asked, so I just ignored him.

"Alright," I said not even trying to ...

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