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from Don't Let Go by Karla Martinez

Copyright © 2019 Karla Martinez


I had to really work on keeping my heartbeat normal, although Cameron standing next to me wasn't helping at all. While we waited in line for a movie, I was secretly trying a few breathing exercises. Looking around, people had been staring at us since we entered the theater. Maybe because the whole town knew Cameron Derwood. The playboy. They probably wondered if I was the next girl. If he had brought all his girls to the same place, of course, they would know what was going on. It was Cameron after all. I rolled my eyes kind of annoyed.

"Can I ask you something?" Cameron interrupted my self-beating session.

My heart jumped at the sound of his voice. Raising my eyes to meet his intense honey gaze. He was serious and he was expecting a serious answer. I nodded and waited for his question. He stopped for a minute, which made me more nervous.

"What's up?" I tried my best to sound normal. The anticipation was torturing me with ideas, to control my reaction I crossed my arms over my chest to push the pain back.

"Do you like, Yael?" those intense eyes making me feel enough pressure to make my heart throb loudly. I couldn't help to want to laugh like an idiot, but the captivating gaze in his eyes stopped me. Why in the world would he think that I liked Yael?

"You're kidding, right?" I chuckled it off, but he didn't laugh, he kept his eyes on me.

"No," I breathed out the word.

Did he care who I liked? I turned my eyes away from his. Silently begging God to not let me have hopes if it wasn't real. If it was, then maybe I could hold on to something and fight for my life.

"Why in the world would you think that?" I asked nervously, fixing my hair behind my ears.

Looking at a little girl having a fun conversation with her father. They giggled together and that reminded me of the pictures of a young Aubrey with my dad. It made me sad to see how they could hardly talk like normal people anymore. She would get aggravated by anything he said and now that I knew the truth, it hurt me.

"Just thought you might like him since he seems pretty close to you. He's been a nag about you lately. I thought maybe that's why you didn't want to do the date thing," he explained moving one spot forward.

The whole place filled with couples and kids. Recognizing some faces from school, my nerves got worse. Cameron couldn't be mistaken anywhere he went, but if he was with me, would people think this as a date, probably not. I could feel his eyes gazing at me from the corner of my eye, it made me nervous and self-conscious. Biting my lips nervously, I turned to him to answer.

"I like you. All of you, even Miles. But don't you dare tell him." I warned him with a threatening tone. Cameron chuckled which was the second time in the same day. That made me feel special.

"But since Yael is Rocky's brother, I've known him more," I explained avoiding his eyes. I wasn't lying. Yael knew me more than all of them, he knew I liked him, he also knew I was dying.

"To me, you look pretty close to Rocky, of course, because you've known her longer. Same with Aubrey," I said in a low voice so he couldn't hear annoyance at my sister.

Cameron said nothing. The silence made me feel stupid. Why was I trying to explain too hard, he didn't even care? His soft dark hair, curling under his ears, his white complexion, and his deep honey eyes. How could anyone ignore him? To me, he was just perfect. Why was I crushing in a guy everyone wanted? With many girls to compete, I couldn't even dare to drea...

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