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from Don't Let Go by Karla Martinez

Copyright © 2019 Karla Martinez


Letting my mind free and sing to "Savin' Me" From Nickelback. Mimi kept licking my face, she could sense my struggle and for what I was going through she was my best company. There was so much in my mind. Rocky, Aubrey, Yael, Cameron and my questionable future. How long did I have to live? the real reason I was pretending not to know wasn't because of my parent.

In reality, I was afraid. Admitting that meant that I had to talk to Dr. Jackson; meant that I would find out how long exactly I had left. What was I doing? Why was I trying to live longer? Could I live longer? could I talk to Cameron about it? All these questions were torturing me every night and day. Every moment I got alone was all I thought about.

Looking at my phone, looking for Cameron's number. Mimi barked. I smiled. Mimi was my lucky charm. Thanks to her, I could now have a hope.

"Hey," Cameron answered on the second ring, making my heart throb as expected.

At this point, I couldn't tell if it was from excitement or a warning. He sounded sleepy, his deep voice sounded low but always raspy. Manly. Letting Aubrey get to me and now I was nervously trying to prove something I wasn't sure I could. Cameron and I exchanged phone number since we started school together, but we actually never had any communication other than hanging out with everyone else. Not knowing what was I doing, I swallowed in a deep breath, there was no way to back down now. God help me. <...

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