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from Don't Let Go by Karla Martinez

Copyright © 2019 Karla Martinez

First Impression

When I was fourteen I fell in love, so much in love that it hurt.

So, in love that the sky was clear and sunny, even when it wasn't. So, in love that, I went to sleep and woke up with a bright smile. So much in love that it was painful, so painful that it made my chest tight. Feeling like dying, but I couldn't. Because if I die, I wouldn't have this love. I wouldn't feel this love. The love, that brought tears to my eyes, and butterflies in my stomach. The love that, woke me up from a fantasy and showed me the reality.

My reality...


When I was fourteen, on a rainy day in the middle of May. I felt something for the first time. My last day of middle school. I was so young and even more naïve. I was bored and I didn't care much about anything. Nothing entertained me. I was always going with the flow. Of one thing I was sure. I was always unlucky, that was my fate. And maybe by fate. I lost my bus that stormy day.

My mother couldn't pick me up on that day, because she was grocery shopping or had an emergency at her clinic. She was a life coach or something like that. She was a woman of nature. She had imposed the healthiest living anyone could have not that I had any complaints. I was healthy or at least I felt healthy. My dad was an editor, and he worked like crazy, but it was always from home. Too bad this time he wasn't home. I didn't mind walking home, though, it was refreshing and different to walk under the rain.

By the time I was passing through the Park of Hopes, my favorite place. I was already feeling exhausted. It wasn't like I did much of anything, I had a severe case of anemia that I couldn't get over. For days it got better, but other days were awful. I wanted to sit down and take a break, but I couldn't. The rain was heavily pouring, my umbrella felt heavy and as always, I felt unlucky. The thunder was rumbling in the background, I couldn't help but jump at the terrifying sound.

"Thank..." I sighed sarcastically as I dragged my feet home.

That's when I saw him. Standing under the rain, dripping wet. Apparently not caring if he would get sick. His umbrella was on the ground and he was just looking at it. He was a student at Horizon Private High; I knew their uniform since my sister was going to the same school. I would be a student there the following year. He was sucking with rain, his hair hanging over his forehead. Immediately I felt in my heart. Something in the way he was standing and looking down made my heart throb in a strange way.

Slowly walking closer to him, I could make out his face. What stood out most was his define jawbone, flexing his cheekbones as his perfectly curved brow twitched from the corner of his eye. His intense almond-shaped eye. He was in a bad mood. A black tiny hoop on his right ear, which was half covered by his shaggy hair. A bad boy in the making. Although I could clearly notice that he wasn't.

No bad guy would give his umbrella to a stray puppy. A tiny squishy ball of fur, trembling in fear of the thunder. He hadn't dropped his umbrella; the guy was actually giving shelter to the puppy whose cardboard box was drenched. My sensitive heart clenched at the heartbreaking sight of it. I always wanted a dog, and that was the only thing my parents denied me. The parents that according to my sister, would kill for his favorite daughter, ac...

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