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from Don't Let Go by Karla Martinez

Copyright © 2019 Karla Martinez


The room was left empty in minutes. Slowly I got up and turned to find Cameron silently analyzing the pen I had lent him. Immediately raising his gaze at me, he caused my heart to accelerate a little too much. My chest tightened up in a new way, in a slightly scary way. There was a sudden mystery, something building up in Cameron's eyes, which was always possible. He was that type of guy, use people for entertainment. I held his gaze; being weak was not something I would allow myself to be in front of him. I was not going to bend down like the rest of the girls did, like my sister did. I was better than that, or wish I was. 

It was like he knew my internal conflict and that annoyed me. Flashing me with a triumphant grin, Cameron broke off his gaze and got up from his seat. Sexily throwing his backpack over his shoulder, making his slick hair dance over his forehead, he shook it off his eyes and looked back at me. Ready to leave I got up and grabbed my bag as well. I followed him as he moved away from me. A strange stab started to manifest in my chest, something pleasant but painful at the same time. It was strange because I spent enough time with Cameron, but this feeling, this sensation waking up in my heart was very new. 

"See ya in gym," he said, which didn't make sense. We still had three more classes before P.E. He was already planning to skip the rest of the day. I shook my head. Without looking back, he moved out of the classroom. 

"Hey, Cameron!" I called after him, making him stop without hesitation. 

Something cracked in my chest. I felt it. It wasn't a normal feeling, but it felt very strange how something warm started to build up from the bottom of my chest to the top where my heart was racing unexpectedly. I pushed a gasp of air down my throat as strange chills rose on my back. A few feet away from the door, Cameron stood still and waited without facing me. 

"What's up?" he sounded bored but intrigued at the same time.

Cameron was a few inches taller, fit, and broad. He didn't bother to play any sports. He was never seen reading a book. How he kept his perfect body and his brains was a mystery to me. Even from behind, he had a way to stand that made him look sophisticated and elegant. After a couple of seconds, he finally turned to capture me with his intense honey-colored eyes. Giving my heart another sudden jolt, which was still strangely painful. At this point, I could feel it. If I got too excited, it could give me a heart attack. 

A flash of realization crossed his face instantly. Something like he had been awakened from a nap and realized he was caught on something forbidden, but as the expert on covering everything he was. He simply blinked and then it was like nothing, back to his normally cool and composed persona. 

"My pen," I said, reaching my hand out to get my friend's gift back. If it were up to me, I would have let him keep it. But it was Tanya's gift and I treasured everything my friends gave me. Cameron took a second to meditate. I waited. He let out a breath-taking smile which for a slight second, for a quick second, it occurred to me that Cameron was actually expecting something different. An advance like the rest of the girls did. Something I wanted to do, but I couldn't. Of course, I was just hallucinating. Pull yourself together, Sam, I told myself. Just like Lizzie McGuire there was always a tiny cartoon version of me playing in my mind telling me the right thing to do but, of course, I was actually doing the opposite. But with Cameron, I did listen to the tiny Samantha in my head. I sighed, giving him the hint that I was getting tired of waiting. 

Cameron took the pen out of his pocket, grinned at it, shook his head, and took a step closer to me. 

"I wasn't expecting this from you," he commented mostly to himself. I glared at him trying to understand what he was trying to tell me. Was Miles rubbing onto him? Cameron alone or with his clique, he was never the annoying jerk like Miles was. 

"Stop playing. I'm not planning to be late for class," I said, ignoring his comment and emphasizing that I did care about my grades, unlike him. 

"Yeah," he said, swinging the pen on his fingers. 

For some unknown reason, Cameron Derwood was acting differently than his usual self. The Came...

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