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from Beyond the Deep Water by Ivette Martinez

Copyright © 2018–2020 Karla Martinez


Almost out of breath and in extreme pain, Camille makes it to the only place where she feels at peace. A place so pure and full of life that alleviates her soul from the tormenting experience. Blue Water Lake.

Even though she promised to go to Paige's house, all Camille wants at this moment is to find her light. And this is the only place she can find it. Dropping a few feet away from the edge of the lake, Camille breathes in but stops as a sharp stab makes her wince. Her throat is dry, and it feels like knives are sliding down her esophagus. Covered in a mixture of sweat, blood, and salty tears, her legs trembled with exhaustion. The night is cold, but Camille doesn't care anymore. She's free. Finally, free from the monster.

Camille spreads her sore arms on the grass while catching her breath. The infinite space above her its sprinkled with tiny balls of fire, this is a view that pulls a smile out of her. Even when she has suffered so much already, Camille wants to smile from her heart. Looking at a single source of light, that stands out from the extended variety. A giant and shiny moon illuminates upon her in its marvelous way.

Camille sighs, with no strength to explain or make up excuses to justify her wrecked looks. She hopes to regain her confidence and the energy to face her friends and talk about her secret. For now, all she wants is peace, give her heart the time to heal.

Her eyes focus on the stars above, their gentle blink hypnotizes her, lightening up her broken spirit. Camille stretches her arms, trying to make a grass angel, but stops. Her chest hurts as her lungs spread. Under the moonlight, Camille begins to laugh. Laugh out loud to let go of her pain. Her broken voice echoes in the darkness of the night.

Surrounded by fireflies and croaking frogs, the grass feels humid on her back. The smell of mud intensifies as the moon moves forward. Giggling at the realization that, she's broken the curse of having to see Steve's face again, to feel his dirty hands on her, to never hear his obscene breathing on her neck. Camille closes her eyes. She inhales deeply as she pinches herself awake.

"I'm free." She breathes out with relief.

"I am free!" She says louder.

Even though she's happy, her voice breaks as tears form in the corner of her eyes. The wet grass feels unpleasant ...

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