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from Beyond the Deep Water by Ivette Martinez

Copyright © 2018–2020 Karla Martinez

Face Off

Facing her father for once and for all, even when the pain is excruciating her willpower keeps her on her feet. Although her spine throbs; and face is almost numb, even then, Camille is ready to wait for answers.

"Camille, no..." her mother exclaims in dismay.

Frightened to see the determination in Steve's cold eyes. An evil grin on his face and suddenly, he changes his anger to delight. The joy to finally hear the question he's been waiting to answer for so long. Camille notes the desperation in her mother's voice.

"Oh, Camelia, she wants to know, the girl wants to know..." Steve's mocking tone infuriates the girl.

"Stop. You know you're not allowed to..." Camille's mother warns him with fearful eyes that alert her.

"Mom..." Camille tries to say something, but the pain trapped her voice.

Camelia glances at her broken daughter, someone she treasures so much but can't do anything to help. Deep down, Camille has been condemned to go through this hell of life because of a mistake. To see her suffer and fall, until her destiny its fulfilled.

"Stop it! Just tell me," Camille struggling not to blame her mother for her misfortune.

"Camille, Camille..." for the first time, the man calls out her name without shouting. Steve flashes a triumphant smile, but Camille stands her ground.

"Do you want to know that badly? " he laughs, stumbling to stay on his feet. Finally letting the alcohol effect get to him. Camille tilts to the side, letting her weight drag him down.

"Don't, Steve..." Camelia exclaims with a fear that has no explanation. 

"Ignore your mother, she's a whore that knows she's the one to blame... I'll tell you, I've been through hell already." Steve's eyes show nothing but disgust, although there seems to be a hint pleasure, Camille glances at her mother again. 

"Steve, don't, I'm begging you.... don't condemn yourself even more." Camelia's desperation shocks her. More questions rise up in her overwhelmed brain. Why is her mother so scared? Wha does she mean by condemning?

"What do you want me to do, honey? The girl wants to know..." Steve shrugs his shoulders, clearly knowing that the truth can be hurtful not only to Camille but for them all.

Camelia turns pale, her hands shaking over her mouth. Her brown eyes glow with anguish. And, it's at this moment that Camille realizes, she already knows the secret. It's always been obvious to everyone in Primavera Town, but she only needs to hear it out loud from them. Hear what the whole town has been whispering about her whole life. A girl with her featu...

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