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Beyond the Deep Water: There's an unknown world
by Ivette Martinez

More than a romance, there is a message I want to give to anyone who can relate to the feelings of the main character. Camille Laitner is beautiful and elegant but a clear example that beauty doesn't give you a perfect life. Mentally and physically abused by her father, bullied and hated by her peers, Camille has locked herself in a bubble that can't let anyone in, until she opens the portal to the Gods World. A place where she finds freedom, love, and hope in the hands of Axl the God of Water.


The sun is bright in the middle of the blue sky. Heavenly.

The countryside is always so sunny and clear, showering everything with light and life. It’s perfect. The vast landscapes are full of pasture; grass that grows generously thanks to the sunshine, ...


“What are you doing here?” his voice slams the vicious voice back to their dimension. Like an angel, he always comes to her rescue. Even when he can’t hear her plead, he will always come for her.

Shutting the door of her fears and letting the...


Deep in her sleep, full of fatigue and pain, Camille rolls around in bed. Fighting her nightmares, those horrible dreams that feel so real. Her subconscious can sense the monster dashing through the darkness, rushing to get to her. An ominous energy expanding throug...


Almost out of breath and in extreme pain, Camille reaches the only place that can bring peace to her tired soul and mind. A place so pure and full of life that it actually alleviates her tormenting experience. Blue Water Lake.

Camille promised to go to Paige&r...


Still, with her eyes closed; Camille slowly starts to gain her consciousness back. Flexing her delicate fingers to feel the dry sand. It feels smooth and fine to the touch. The brightness of the noon sun burning her skin; something she is used too by now. This feeli...

Gods World

“Aren’t you a God?” Camille asks swallowing the knot in her throat, her voice feels dry and raspy from being under the sun for too long.

Trying to grasp onto the idea that she somehow has ended in a world she never believed to be real. That, ...

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