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from Beyond the Deep Water by Ivette Martinez

Copyright © 2018–2020 Karla Martinez


"What are you doing here?" Like an angel fallen from the sky, Adam always comes to Camille's rescue even when he can't hear her plea; Adam will forever come to her side. Immediately opening her eyes as his voice slams the horrible entities back to their dimension.

Like a superhero, Adam shuts the door of her fears, letting the sunlight illuminate her tormented mind again. Camille feels the sun gleam upon her unique irises, which is what he needs to see why she's hiding. Innovating, but strange, beautiful yet, mysterious, Camille manages to intrigue anyone that catches a glimpse of her violet-colored eyes. A flattering featured but envious by most.

Covered by a divine light, Adam flashes his genuine smile that works like a medicine against Camille's pain. His eyes hold that warm gaze that searches intensely for the reason she's been back in this place. Adam's brown curls fight against the wind, his lightly glaze skin which is a sign that he's been running all over town, looking for her. Camille sighs, heavily while trying to cover up her self discomfort. Being unable to give Adam some peace of mind is something that irritates her to a level, she isn't proud to show. 

Adam falls to his knees right next to Camille; she keeps her eyes on him, watching his chest expand as he inhales deeply. He can feel his throat sting with dryness but doesn't show any pain. Adam can't allow himself to look like a weakling in front of Camile. Not when she suffers more than he can ever know. Unfortunately for him, she realizes it but decides not to say anything. There's nothing Camille can say to justify her coward attitude to deal with her problems. Adam notices her hands tense up as she battles her thoughts. Adam clears his throat before speaking again.

"You'll be as red as a lobster if you don't lay in the shade at least," he finally gets enough air in his lungs to make his voice sound normal. Lifting his face to the sky, Adam stretches his arms over his head, letting himself fall on his back. 

Camille keeps looking at him without saying a word. Seeing his sweaty skin only makes her self hatred grow stronger. To make his waste his time, looking for her when he shouldn't have to at all. But, in the end, Adam does. He worries about Camille more than anyone; and at this moment, she needs Adam to survive.

And, Adam has fallen weak by Camille's ageless beauty, a charm that attracts attention everywhere she goes. Camille has a touch of kindness in her gaze. A power to makes Adam shy and brave at the same time. Something that pushes him to find his inner strength to keep up with her unique way of seeing the world. A world that hasn't been nice to her at all. Adam has had to learn to be patient and forgive as Camille does. To never judge the wrong actions of others, even if they turn to be monsters. In Adam's eyes, Camille lives in a crystal ball where her mind and soul can't be contaminated by anything that her body experiences in the real world.

However, this seems to be impossible and more when he notices a look of despair and bruises that she's trying to hide. Finger marks on the back of her neck become visible when the wind fans through your hair. A current of heat rushes in his chest as he realizes that she's wounded again. The monster hurt her once again, and once again, Camille has done nothing to stop him. His eyes narrowed with anger as his hands turn into tense fists; causing Camille to sigh with regret. She knows it's her fault that Adam has to experience feelings of hatred.  

"I'm sorry ..." her small voice can barel...

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