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from The Horror which Became My Life by Rose Wood

Copyright © 2018–2019 Rose Wood


I used to sit and watch the rain in the most expensive street in the city. I felt I had reached my lowest point. It was usual to have a large house, with a spa corner bath, a spectacular view through the huge window. A view of my beautiful, yet desolate prison for the last ten years, married to a goul. Two shiny boys filled my time with motherhood and I loved the hell out of my two helpings of pride and joy. Oh but I was bored. Boring loneliness. Reading sufficed for a time. Cooking inspired my creativity but where was I headed in an unhappy abusive marriage to a man who cared little for others. I was an extra, I got not even a bit part, as a police officer in some New Zealand film series. Just to get out and not be sul...

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