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Angel Maker
by Barry B. Wright

Chapter One

A heavy grey mist had settled over Bournemouth. It was well past the ten o’clock closing for pubs and the last of the trolley buses had been docked for the night. The damp, cold streets were empty, that is for the exception of a young man carrying an over-size...

Chapter Two

Diane Waumsley pulled her woolen hat over her ears and jacked up the collar on her coat to ward off the damp, chilling November wind when she stepped out of the vehicle. Before closing the car door, she leaned back in.

“Thanks Uncle Sandy. But…ar...

Chapter Three

The front door opened and closed and Lila could hear the floor boards creaking under his weight as he made his way along the hallway to the kitchen. She glanced up at the clock on the wall and shook her head.

“Sandy,” she called out, “you sur...

Chapter Four

A broad stroke of salmon pink across the morning horizon was beginning to fan out and to dance among the silvery grey clouds. Silhouettes of chimneys atop buildings black as newly laid coal in a burning fire poked smoke into the awakening skyline.

Inspector A...

Chapter Five

Particles of dust danced in the thin wedge of light that sliced through the narrow opening between the curtains before fattening out across the lower half of the bed. At the foot of the bed against the wall was a sparsely filled clothing armoire with a jacket hangin...

Chapter Six

Two significant clues had been discovered in the missing girl’s hospital room: a Winchester bottle under her bed with several fingerprints on it and on the highly polished floor the stockinged impressions of an adult male’s footprints. It had been establ...

Chapter Seven

Preoccupied with the disturbing crime scene he had just left, Alexander Collier made his way down the hall to his office oblivious to the pitter-patter of shoes following closely behind him.

Leonard Scoffield and some of his team had been pulled from fingerpr...

Chapter Eight

Collier had unwillingly missed another Remembrance Day. He had hoped for new beginnings to his healing process but circumstance and devotion to duty steered him along a different path. The trauma of trench warfare and the emotional ties associated with the death of ...

Chapter Nine
Hamlet's Ruse

Collier was preoccupied with a phone call from Detective Inspector Ellis Smyth from Scotland Yard when Sergeant Snowden popped his head around the partially opened door to his office. Waving him in, Collier directed him towards the two chairs in front of his desk as...

Chapter Ten
Captain Hall

When Captain Lynn Hall had worked at the U. S. Embassy in Turkey in 1936 her high intelligence and language proficiency had not gone unnoticed. A career in Foreign Service—her lifelong goal—had been well within reach.

While hunting in the Kizilcaha...

Chapter Eleven
Wish Me Luck

“Whatever I tell you must remain between you and me. Do you understand? No one else must know.”

Collier slowly acknowledged his understanding with the nod of his head.

Satisfied, Captain Hall regained her seat and made herself comfortable bef...

Chapter Twelve
Hoping For A Break

Shortly after Captain Hall had shut the door behind her, Collier retrieved his pipe and pouch of tobacco from the side drawer of his desk. Filling his pipe he returned the tobacco to the drawer and walked over to the window. He hadn’t smoked in several months ...

Chapter Thirteen
"The Lady Vanishes"

The phone book smacked against the wall beside him. "Bloody hell!" Closing the door, he picked up the phone book and hesitantly approached the inspector. “Bad day, Gov?” He placed it on his desk.

“You might say that, Sergeant,” replied ...

Chapter Fourteen
Lambert Manor

Atop the stone perimeter wall, hidden within the boughs of a leafy oak tree that overhung it, Werner Gruener peered through his binoculars at Lambert Manor. Slowly, he scanned the windows. In his tweed overcoat pocket was a copy of Psychic Glimpses by Elizabeth Stod...

Chapter Fifteen
The Phone Call

Kindertransport—the transport of Jewish children out of Nazi occupied Europe—was underway. The first arrivals had disembarked in Harwich on December second. Blindly, Collier and his wife, Lila, had gone with the hope that their son and his fiancĂ© would ...

Chapter Sixteen
Captain Hall Returns

Captain Hall and Inspector Collier sat facing each other across his desk. Sergeant Snowden poured coffee into her mug and, before he left, he placed the thermos containing the remainder of the coffee on the table under the electoral map.

“Thank you, Serg...

Chapter Seventeen
The Trap

There was an unexpected bite to the late January air. Overhead, the moon danced a hot hash do-si-do with dark cotton-ball clouds while from the tree-lined shadows boughs crackled in the wind.

He wished he had worn his jacket. Clothed in a thin woolen shirt, wo...

Chapter Eighteen
The Noose Tightens

Inspector Collier turned onto the road outside the gates of Lambert Manor. Earlier, light snow had fallen making the road slick. An inky, cloud spattered and brooding sky blotted out the moon. Gusts of wind rattled windows in the Wolseley. His unfamiliarity with the...

Chapter Nineteen
Cricketers Arms

Famished and well past noon, Diane Waumsley parked her bike outside the Cricketers Arms on Winham Road. Securing the bike with her combination lock, she entered the pub.

She wore a woolen sweater with a slight roll at the neck and flared pants. One pant leg ha...

Chapter Twenty
Third Party Malice

Happenstance had changed Lynn Hall’s life. Her lifelong goal—a career in Foreign Service—had come to an abrupt end four years ago when she stumbled and shot herself in the leg during a hunting expedition in the Kizilcahaman District of Ankara, Turk...

Chapter Twenty-One
The Handkerchief

The room was warm, almost too warm. The heightened adrenaline which had fed the Collier’s late night picnic had long since given way to a slumbering peacefulness. Through the split in the living room curtains Lynn’s bleary eyes deciphered a reddish hue s...

Chapter Twenty-two
Out of Dawn's Awakening

The sun’s rays were just peeking above the horizon when Sergeant Snowden parked in front of Inspector Collier’s home. Twenty minutes earlier than usual and without his second cup of tea, he was grumpy. What made matters worse, the local newspaper, The Ec...

Chapter Twenty-Three
The Stoddards

At the beginning of 1939, the English south coastal resort of Bournemouth proudly proclaimed a population of one hundred thirty thousand. The natural beauty of its cliffs and the wide sweep of its bay embraced a magic carpet of sand while the Bourne River—frin...

Chapter Twenty-Four
Ringwood Pub

The afternoon edition of The Echo’s banner headline blared out at him:‘Queenie’ Found Murdered

“Your ‘boat,’ Jock,” chortled Quentin Hogg, observing Jock’s facial expression from the end of the bar. Quentin turne...

Chapter Twenty-Five
Facing A Hungry Old Lion

Anger and resentment percolated inside him.

“Are you alright, Gov?” Sergeant Snowden asked, concerned, as he glanced at the Inspector in the rear-view mirror.

How do I answer him? Collier mused. Life had suddenly become more complicated. And,...

Chapter Twenty-Six
The Berlin Connection

Luftwaffe officer, Harro Schulze-Boysen had been a Soviet NKVD agent since 1935. In fact, it was he who had approached them through a contact to offer his services. No one within the Nazi echelon had any idea of his real political convictions. Known by the codename ...

Chapter Twenty-Seven
The Visit

Ahead, twenty-nine Edgestone Road loomed. Once, its grounds had stood alone; reluctantly, over time, it had been forced into the lesser company of others. A caste within a framework of its own making, the grandiose dwelling’s pores had once oozed with majesty ...

Chapter Twenty-Eight
The Photograph

He had not been following a rabbit with a waistcoat-pocket and watch when he had fallen down his godforsaken hole. And the climb back up was painful. “Turn off that damn light!” Louise stepped between him and the sun. “What happened?” Collier...

Chapter Twenty-Nine
Dibs Spoiled

“Listen to him. He’s right,” Captain Hall assured Collier.

Another flock of sharp arrows of pain took flight in Collier’s head pushing aside his growing consternation. Queasiness forced him into an unwilling compliance as he sat down. B...

Chapter Thirty
Something Gained, Something Lost

When the shots rang out, everyone hit the ground hard except Louise. She had not yet grasped the lethal urgency of her situation. The empty brandy glass on the table directly ahead of her exploded, splaying shards of glass in her direction. Diving behind a large con...

Chapter Thirty-One
The Night Ferry

The burgeoning crowd of people briefly captured his attention. He glanced at his watch as he opened the Paris-based newspaper Le Temps and continued to read. The Night Ferry was late. He had already gone through Customs. Not having much to declare, except for his va...

Chapter Thirty-Two
The Channel Crossing

Rapid knocking sounds woke him up. Collier glanced at Lila who was still in a deep sleep. He held up the bedside clock to the moonlight and cringed. It was 3 A.M. Whoever the hell is at my door at this untimely hour had better have a damn good reason, he thought. E...

Chapter Thirty-Three
The Reunion

Captain Hall glanced at her watch as the French countryside passed by outside her window. The expected time of arrival at Paris Gare du Nord was 8:55 A.M. The train had just passed through Bethune, roughly one hundred sixteen miles north of Paris. Famished, she reac...

Chapter Thirty-Four
Aunt Martha's Tea Set

To say that Captain Friedrich Cole was not happy would have been an understatement. Already two hours late leaving the Port of Liverpool, he paced the bridge of the SS Armagon. ‘The old man’ as he was called by his crew was a hardnosed veteran seafa...

Chapter Thirty-Five
S. S. Paris

The Depression had transformed France’s tolerance. By 1938-39 the influx of new refugees at the end of the Spanish civil war had sparked off renewed intensity of xenophobia and anti-Semitism. Before the end of summer 1939, Edouard Daladier, Prime Minister of F...

Chapter Thirty-Six
An Unexpected Visitor

Avenue Foch is one of the most prestigious locations in Paris. Located close to the Champs Elysees, its location provides easy access to bakeries, cafes, restaurants and superb shopping.

Using one of the riding trails as a footpath, Lynn and Melissa hurriedly made their way...

Chapter Thirty-Seven
Behind the Scene

Max Claussen, Werner’s messenger, was a Trojan Horse who had become well placed in the Nazi Party. He was a lean, well-coiffed blonde, aristocratic figure that represented the Aryan ideal, who had been introduced to Werner by Himmler himself. But, unknown to t...

Chapter Thirty-Eight
The Calendar

Dark clouds deeply layered the morning sky as lightening pierced through to orchestrate a blitzkrieg of rain that swept across the landscape. The rain fell like bombs; claps of thunder shook structures. It was the third straight day. Primordial thoughts were pricked; the weather foretold ...

Chapter Thirty-Nine
Collier's Dilemma

The hypnotic to and fro sound of the wipers fought a losing battle against the rain. Turning onto Main, he drove a short distance before pulling to the curb. Shutting off the ignition, he waited. The windshield distorted and blurred the few images of pedestrians who...

Chapter Forty
The Thule

Not a word was said as Queenie crossed the threshold. Growing up as a lonely child in the Wye Valley, she enjoyed surprises. And this was no exception. With a gentle nudge from her heel, the door closed softly behind her. Briefly, she surveyed the apartment. Removin...

Chapter Forty-One

It was a beautiful August day, filled with much promise, as summer begrudgingly relented to enter its final throes. There was barely another topic of discussion except Danzig. Berliners were convinced that Germany would soon retain Danzig. Like Germany’s previous gains, they thought...

Chapter Forty-Two
The Switch Over

“I mean no harm,” he pleaded, raising his arms. “I’ve been sent to get you and drive you the rest of the way to Berlin.”

“Who sent you?” Lynn demanded, pressing her weapon deeper into his back.

“Please, the...

Chapter Forty-Three
An Evil Mind


He was proud to be known as “the man with the iron heart.” Head of the Gestaatspolizei (Gestapo) and Security Service (SD), Reinhold encompassed a Luciferian disciple’s mentality of cold amorality and greed for power. Arriving from Paris late last evening, he had ne...

Chapter Forty-Four
Harnack's Apartment

Top Secret

To comrade Viktor

‘Corporal’ has learned from ‘Albanian’ who has spoken to a top Wehrmacht officer, that Germany intends a war against the Soviet Union either 1940 or 41.

Chapter Forty-Five
Big Brother is Watching

With no limit placed on state security in Germany, it had, for the most part, unrestricted power. Their success depended on a reward system of surveillance whose perfidious purpose relied on prying and suspicious eyes within families, between neighbours, friends and...

Chapter Forty-Six
The Proposal

“What the hell!” exclaimed Harro Schulze-Boysen.

Adam Mikler barged in, pushing his two companions ahead of him. “We need to talk,” Adam insisted, holding onto Schulze-Boysen’s arm while flicking his free hand to dismiss the other two further in...

Chapter Forty-Seven
Four Hours Until Berlin

Hatred filled the bucket he had for a soul. Pain racked his body. He pressed his eyes tightly shut. The smell of death had entwined itself in the antiseptic scent that permeated his room. He felt sick and attempted to sit up. Her voice told him not to. “Where ...

Chapter Forty-Eight
A Journey Imperilled

A substantial number of Germans (nearly seventeen million people) had not voted for the National Socialist (Nazi) Party in 1933. These people were a constant thorn in Hitler’s back. To deal with them, a policy of intimidation, developed and administered by the...

Chapter Forty-Nine

As the Colliers approached Harwich, Beacon Hill Fort loomed in the distance. Pill boxes that had been built into the massive bank along the coast northwards and a two-storey hexagonal radar tower held commanding views of the Orwell estuary.

Alexander Collier and his wife, L...

Chapter Fifty
Discomforting Possibilities

Day rushed into evening and then into the morning light. Quietly slipping out of the room so as not to disturb Lila from her slumber, Sandy went along the hallway to the stairs and down to the hotel’s foyer and out into the morning air. The air was pregnant with the smell of salt. E...

Chapter Fifty-One
The Death Struggle is About to Begin

On March 3, 1939, Czechoslovakian intelligence chief, Frantisek Moravec, met with Agent A-54, Abwehr’s Paul Thummel, in Prague. Thummel was Moravec’s best German source. Moravec was told by A-54 that Prague would by occupied by Germany on March 15 and wa...

Chapter Fifty-Two
The Revelation

Like a deer in headlights, he was fixed to the ovals that shone out from her face. In the chambers of his ears the rapid drumbeat of his heart echoed loudly with joy. Careless observation would have discerned nothing between these two lovers, but closer scrutiny wou...

Chapter Fifty-Three
A Tactical Move

He kept his ambition secreted away, closely guarded, and, with remarkable perspicacity, kept it within the shadow of the fussy, narrow-minded Himmler. Himmler taught him the value of personal files and that the knowledge of other people’s weaknesses created lo...

Chapter Fifty-Four
The Tyr Rune

Queenie feared the union of Reinhard and Werner. She needed time for deep thought to assess her present situation. There was too much noise and commotion around her and it threatened the skills she needed to ply. Stepping away from the group, she sought quietude in ...

Chapter Fifty-Five
OTTO Strikes Back

Life is an adventure filled with surprises and new opportunities. Except, that is, when the unexpected, chaos, entered to sap from it its enjoyment. For a fastidious individual like Lila Collier, anything unanticipated or unpredicted in her daily norm was perceived ...

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