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  from Angel Maker: Completed First Draft by Barry B. Wright   

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Chapter One

A heavy grey mist had settled over Bournemouth. It was well past the ten o’clock closing for pubs and the last of the trolley buses had been docked for the night. The damp, cold streets were empty, that is for the exception of a young man carrying an over-sized potato-sack across his shoulders. The doors to the Palladium Cinema on Fisherman’s Walk had been locked for at least an hour and the marquee which had highlighted that evening’s show of The Divorce of Lady X starring Merle Oberon and Laurence Olivier had been plunged into darkness. An angry wind had picked up off the ocean side. Newspaper wrappers once housing fish and chips jockeyed for position with the other detritus carelessly tossed aside earlier that day. A greased stained front page from the Guardian pasted against the wall by the wind. The young man smiled as he read its headline:

Germany’s Day of Wrecking and Looting

Gangs Unhampered by the Police

Synagogues Burned Down in Many Cities

Then, lifting his boot he sent it on its way and turned into the alley beside the Cinema. The limp, small body he carried in his sack stirred as the chloroform he had given her wore off. Quickening his pace, he continued down the alley to the back of the building.

He laid the sack down in a sheltered area in the glow of the light from the lamp above the back door to the Cinema. Untying the sack he took out his knife and slit the sack open from top to bottom. Foldi...

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