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from Angel Maker by Barry B. Wright

Copyright © 2019–2020 Barry B. Wright

Chapter Sixty-Eight
Luncheon at Simpson's in the Strand

“If my memory serves me right, this restaurant originally opened as a chess club and coffee house?” The waiter filled Collier’s glass with water.

Simpson’s in the Strand was a fine London establishment noted for serving the best in British cuisine, using only the most exquisite seasonal ingredients, for over 110 years.

“Well done, Sandy! You were listening those many years ago.”

“Aye, I guess I was. I even surprise myself with what tidbits are stored in this noggin of mine.” Collier tapped his head. “Time flies. We were much younger men back in 1917.” Colonel Stewart Menzies nodded his agreement. “Tell me, Stewart, do you still play chess?”

“I play a different kind of chess now. Nothing recreational, no time. You?” Stewart took a sip from his scotch glass and peered at Collier over the rim. “Are you sure you don’t want one?” he asked, rocking the glass side to side. “It’s on me old chap.”

“Thank you, but I’ve sworn off the stuff. I’ll stick with the water.” Collier rotated his glass on the table. “The last time I played chess with you was i...

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