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from Angel Maker by Barry B. Wright

Copyright © 2019–2020 Barry B. Wright

Chapter Fifty-Four
The Tyr Rune

Queenie felt a strong psychic intrusion. The normal equilibrium of her nervous system was disrupted. Her head throbbed. Werner’s vile presence was unexpected. Off balance by his baleful attempt to gather information, she needed quietude to ply her skills to counter him. Stepping away from the surrounding commotion, she slipped into the room beside Elsa’s mother. Earlier incursions had been warded off, but his assault was different. He had garnered her carelessly unguarded emotions and used those thoughts, feelings and fears to assail her defenses. Surprised by how much his ability had grown in strength, she concentrated harder. Her head felt jammed between the jaws of one huge closing vise, but she managed to keep his telepathic attack at bay. Thank God! Werner’s alone. Through her cloud of pain, she scrutinized the surroundings. Nondescript. Except for the two bound and gagged on the bed, there appears nothing unusual. Her gaze narrowed to the two men. Their stare was unusually intense. Suddenly, she understood. They were Werner’s conduits, his ‘enhancers’ who helped shackle her to his intent. The pain worsened. She grabbed her head in despair. The thrust of this malevolent beast within her made his pernicious goal clear. What he wanted she resolved never to give up. She broke loose. “Captain Hall!” she screamed. “Help! Hurry!”

The door swung open with such force that the doorknob lodged into the wall. Captain Hall rushed in “Queenie! What is it?!”


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