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About me

Hi! I write steamy thrillers about Israeli spies. I am the 3rd place winner of 2017's Daphne du Maurier award for romance suspense through RWA. When I'm not writing, I'm chasing my 6yr old, making truffles, and moving cats off my laptop.

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Jordyn Jacobs (Tier II Newcomer Author )


Shadows Rise: a Shadow Play prequel
by Jordyn Jacobs

Terror grips the skies and only sibling spies, Sarah and Elijah Yadin can stop it.

Chapter 1

JFK International Airport, NYC 1900 EST

Every pass through airport security was another victory. Israeli intelligence officer Sarah Yadin tucked her American passport bearing the name Emily Rosenberg back into her carry-on bag and slipped through the line at J...

Shadows Past: a Shadow Play prequel
by Jordyn Jacobs

They are assassins assigned to kill each other. Bitter enemies. Avner Yadin is the rising star of Israeli intelligence. Someday he will run the place. Until his love affair with a KGB assassin threatens to destroy everything. Can spies find happy ever after? At what cost? Love and espionage are dangerous bedfellows.

Chapter 1
Vienna, 1981

Music cascaded through the air, musty with history and the clawing scent of old death that wafted from the Nazi's breath. Avner Yadin watched the performance over the shoulder of his tuxedo. The man in front of him no longer pranced around in uniform. His hair had g...


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